The 30-year-old Nigerian has been arrested in India for duping people on social media platforms under the pretext of providing jobs overseas.

Nigerian man is set to spend years in jail in India after being arrested for fraud. Rachakonda Cybercrime Police have arrested the 30-year-old Nigerian for fooling people on social media platforms under the pretext of providing jobs overseas.

The suspect identified as Daniel Obiano, a resident of Bengaluru, who came to India on a student visa, was arrested on Monday August 9.

Between May and July of this year, Obiano and his associates allegedly deceived a software engineer from Kushaiguda and his cousin to the tune of Rs 51.3 lakh (N28 233 119.24) by promising them to find them a job in Canada.

Following a complaint, cybercrime police closed a case and, using technical evidence, caught it from Bengaluru. Police seized smartphones, SIM cards and other documents from the accused and also froze his bank accounts with a cash sum of Rs 7.1 lakh.

Police say the accused came into contact with other Nigerians in Bangalore and learned of computer fraud from them. He began to deceive Indian citizens on social media platforms by posing as a European.

“For this, Daniel and his associates created fake profiles on Facebook and sent friend requests to young people. They got ATM cards from random people with the help of some agents by paying commissions.

Likewise, they also bought SIM cards from shops without submitting any documents, ”said Mahesh Bhagwat, police commissioner of Rachakonda.

Rachakonda Police advised citizens not to accept stolen job offers, adding that legitimate employers would never ask them to send money to acquire jobs. “If you are asked to send money for registration fees, VISA fees, bank account opening, security deposit, etc., it is most likely a scam and you should go. ” the police added. Meanwhile, efforts are being made to arrest his associates.

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