A young man simply known as Moses has revealed that he’s a former internet fraudster (Yahoo Boy) who is now a pastor. The 22-year-old shared the story of how he gave his life to Christ and became born again after years of defrauding people. In an interview with journalist, Lucky Udu, Moses said he became a yahoo boy as a means to get money to take care of himself while he was still in school.

According to him, at the time when he started, he was a photographer but he changed his business account to another account befitting for a fraudster. As fate would have it, his as an internet fraudster was short-lived as he encountered God and decided to change his ways. The young man says he is currently focused on how winning souls for God.

In his words; “My name is Moses. I used to Yahoo boy but today by God’s grace, I am a born-again Christian and a pastor. I want to use my ministry to win souls of this generation for Christ.

“It all began in 2019 when I entered into school. I needed money for upkeep and other things. While talking to people, they told me about what’s fetching guys money. I asked them how does this work and they told me about yahoo”.


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