This article that will save your life and prevent future stress. Good preparation, they say, prevents poor performance.

10 things

There is nothing better than having exclusive information on what you need before an event takes place. This will allow you to prepare very well for the future at this time.

This article will tell you what you must or must do right now while you wait for the NYSC to mobilize. There is nothing more satisfying than having a stress free NYSC registration with nothing to worry about.

1. Do it right

The first thing you want to do is work things out with your institution. They’re the ones responsible for your mobilization and if they don’t put your name on the list, NYSC won’t even know you exist.

Make sure you have no issues that could delay your school’s authorization or your transcript. If you have outstanding lessons, you must correct them all before mobilization. So, one thing you want to do now is get it right.

2. Get a Gmail

A smart person might want to ask about Yahoo Mail. My answer is that opening a Gmail won’t cost you anything. I will advise you to open a Gmail account for your NYSC registration. Gmail is advisable because is very fast in receiving confirmation.

3. Obtain a medical certificate

The NYSC medical certificate is required for all potential Corps members to be eligible to enter an orientation camp.

A few years ago, due to the deaths of our brave Corps members during and after Camp NYSC, the medical certificate became a mandatory document. I will advise you to start working on your medical certificate now. Visit any federal/state or military hospital and tell them you need a medical certificate. It’s easy, cheap and straightforward.

4. Keep N3000 aside.

Besides the money, you will pay the cafe man to do the NYSC registration for you, you will need to keep aside 3k for printing the invitation letter online.

Although you cannot pay if you want to come to your school to collect your Call – up letter. But what I’m going to advise you is to pay the money online so that you can print your letter wherever you are. Put your mind to it.

5. Do you need regularization?

The Jamb regularization is intended for people who have been admitted to a university or polytechnic without a JAMB. Or those who have errors in the details of their amount. If you belong to this category, you must start your regularization immediately.


6. Letter of domicile (married woman only)

A letter of domicile for NYSC is a letter to confirm your husband’s residential address. NYSC doesn’t want to post a Corper Married Woman away from her Husband. It is very risky.

To avoid any unfortunate probability, you will need to submit the domicile letter to have NYSC send you near you.

7. Passport photograph

You will need a passport size photo. If you haven’t already, you should get it now. You will need it for your NYSC registration.

Please make sure the picture is clear and don’t try to use the one you used during your JAMB or the one you used for 100L.

8. Declaration or statement of result or certificate

Remember point number one. This is just an accent of the point above. You will need a result statement for your NYSC program. Without your original statement of results, you will be fired from the NYSC camp.

Make sure you have it with you and if you plan to tamper with one you will be arrested and face punishment.

9. Those over 30 years old.

If you are 30 and over on your jamb details, you will automatically serve a one-step exemption letter when registering on the nysc portal.

If you have an overage issue, now is the best time to resolve it before registering on the portal.

10. Join Active WhatsApp Group.

WhatsApp group is very important to PCM, most information is circulated promptly on WhatsApp than any other social media. Click on the link below to join our active WhatsApp group for batch C

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