The Complete Career Coaching Course – Career Development

The Complete Career Coaching Course – Career Development
The Complete Career Coaching Course – Career Development

The Complete Career Coaching Course – Career Development

What you will learn
☑ They will learn the power, the promise, and the profit of being an outstanding career coach.

Coaching is a $3 billion a year global business that’s growing at rate of 7% annually. And one of the most important segments in this accelerating industry of career coaching where the median rate is $500 per hour. Tens of millions of people either want a new job, change their fields, or substantially improve their performance at their current occupation. We’re going to give you the skills to help your clients reach success in both their personal and professional lives.

The news gets even better. Bob and TJ work with clients around the world. We use Zoom, Skype, and Cisco Webex to connect with our clients everywhere. Payments are made electronically, instantly, and easily. You can too from your home office. Your business goals could be the same as ours: you can work with who you want, when you want, and from where you want.

The Complete Career Coaching Course – Career Development

The Complete Career Coaching Course – Career Development
The Complete Career Coaching Course – Career Development

In this course, you’ll learn how to coach your clients to:

  • Find the right job for them that meets their professional and financial expectations.
  • How to succeed in the all important job interview.
  • How they can take their experience, talents, and know how to create a lucrative and satisfying career.
  • How to best use the number one social media platform to execrate your clients search for a new position.
  • Create a network that can connect job seekers to great possibilities.
  • Successfully master skills such as being an effective and persuasive communicator.
  • To be even more successful in their current jobs.

    You will learn how to establish a successful coach practice:
  • How to get clients.
  • How to market your practice.
  • What to charge clients.
  • The importance of creating a coaching specialty.

The world of work has and will continue to change as a result of the global pandemic. You will be in a great position to help clients succeed

Bob Berkowitz and TJ Walker have spent decades coaching people to position themselves for career success. Their clients include individuals who are new to the work force, those who want a new career, some of the most important corporate leaders in the world, and even heads of state who wanted to keep their jobs.

If you’re ready to start or enhance your career coaching practice, then please enroll right away.

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Here’s the Format for the Course

The Complete Career Coaching Course – Career Development

The Right Job for Your Client

When Choosing a New Job, Don’t Follow Your Passions

Create Your Own Personal Board of Directors to Find a Great Job

Should You Change Jobs for More Money?

How do You Coach an Older Worker to Get a New Job?

Do Companies Check References Before Offering a Job?

Help Your Clients to Make More Money on the Job

Tell Your Client to Get a Mentor at Work

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The Job Interview: Great Answers Get Great Jobs

Introduction to the Job Interview

Do Your Homework

How to Answer the Question “Why Should we hire you?”

How to Answer the Question, “So, Tell Me Something About Yourself.”

What Are Your Weaknesses?

What if You. Don’t Know the Answer to a Question?

Tell Stories–Lot’s of them

How a Great Story Got Someone a Great Job

Do You Have Any Questions for me?

Do People Lie in Job Interviews?

Should You Ever Bad Mouth Your Current Employer?

Why Were You Fired?

How to Have a Power Presence in a Job Interview

Don’t be a Prisoner of the Question

How to Succeed with Zoom Interviews

Two Unspoken Rules of Job Interviews

How to Use the Power of Your Voice

Be the Bearer of Your Own Bad News

Send a Thank-You Not but Make it Special

Should Your Client Keep Looking for a Job While Waiting for an Offer?

How to Relieve Anxiety Waiting for a Job Offer

Help Your Clients Feel Confident

What Are Your Three Greatest Achievements

What Are the Biggest Obstacles You’ve Overcome in Business?

Virtual Job Interviews

The Power of Linkedin

How to Make Your Linkedin Profile Shine

Posting on Linkedin Can Help You Get a Job

Who Should You Choose to be Your Networking Partner?

How to be a Really Successful Coach

Tips on How Coaches Can Get More Clients

Smart Coaches Specialize

Smart Coaches Give it Away

What’s the Best Way to Expand Your Practice

How Much Should You Charge a Client?

The Power of Empathy

Great Coaches Are Great Listeners

How You Can Help Procrastinators Get Over the Finish Line

How to be Your Own Best Coach

How to be Better, Smarter, Richer

How to Help a Client Achieve Their Toughest Goals

What Advice Would You Give the Ten Year Old Version of You?

Charisma is Overrated

Don’t be a Prisoner of Perfectionism

How Could You Help Your Clients Feel Successful?

How Could You be Great? How Could You Mess Up?

What Are the Three Reasons You Are Not Achieving Your Goals?

Coach Your Clients to be Power Networkers to the Job They Want

Smart Networkers Avoid the Law of Reciprocity

Great Networkers Give it Away for Free

Business Conferences Are Great Opportunities for Networking

The Networking Power of a Friend of a Friend

The Networking Power of a Salon Dinner

More Great Networking Tips

David Pride’s Great Networking Strategies

Empathy is the Key to Great Networking

Great Networkers Keep the Conversation Going

Who is in Your Power Circle?

Create a Virtual Networking Salon via Zoom

Brilliant Networking Strategies

Bad Assumptions Can Kill a Relationship

Great Networkers Connect with Old Contacts

Networking for Shy People

The Power of the Business Card

Networking Book Recommendations

Final Thoughts on Networking

Help Your Clients to be Hard Core About Soft Skills

How to Give a World Class Presentation

Help Your Clients be Powerful Communicators

The Three Most Powerful Words in Persuasion

It’s Not What You Say, It’s What They Hear

What’s the One Thing You Can do to be Better?

What Would You do if You Weren’t Afraid to Fail?

Bonus Videos

The Business Benefits of Being a Great Observer

How Overcoming Obstacles Can Give You Unstoppable Confidence

How to Achieve Your Hardest Goals

Be a People Pleaser. Just Don’t Over do it.

The Business Advantages of Being a Smart Observer

Go Small or Go Home

Should You Knock the Competition?

Time is Your Greatest Enemy

What Are You Not Paying Attention to?

What Are You Not Paying Attention to in Your Personal Life?

What Happens When the Stuff Hits the Fan?

What Would Happen if a Hot Shot Took Over Your Job?

What One Goal Could You Complete that Would Make Your Business Better?

What Would You Sacrifice to Achieve Your Goals?

What’s The One Thing You Can do to be Better?

Three Reasons You Are Not Reaching Your Goals

Power Sales: What You Need to Know

Empathy is. Key for a Great Sales Person

How to Get Money for a Start up

The Complete Career Coaching Course – Career Development

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