The Service year is filled with lots and lots of programs and activities like the Orientation programme, Place of Primary Assignment, and the Passing Out Parade, the Community Development Service (CDS) is another programme of the NYSC you have to consider. The CDS you belong to during your service year can help develop you professionally in the future. You can refer to this list for the best NYSC CDS groups to join as a corps member.

the best of NYSC cds group
the best of NYSC cds group

Community Development Service (CDS) is pivotal to NYSC as it is geared towards improving the economic, health, political and socio-cultural conditions of host communities towards sustainable development. CDS has helped to shaped the minds of youth towards community and national development. There are different CDS groups with their varying goals and objectives. The weekly activities has helped people to develop interest in a particular field as well as improve others knowledge. You can read more about CDS itself here.

Why it is important to look at the best CDS group to join as a corps member is because there are sone CDS groups that have the potentials to professionally develope a Corps Member. It can also add impetus to your CV or Resume as work experience.

There are over 40 CDS groups but few are being mentioned or heard; depending on the State and Local Govt Area you find yourself.

Below are the list of the best of NYSC cds group:

National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) is one of the best NYSC CDS groups to join as a corps member. Apart from learning a lot from this group, you will have the opportunity to sensitize people to the negative effects of using hard drugs. Members of this CDS group campaign against hard drugs. Sometimes, they go to schools and other public places for the campaign against hard drugs and drug abuse.

We all know the importance of this organization to the nation’s development as they fight financial corruption in every means. EFCC is another CDS group to belong to during your NYSC. Corps members in this group campaign against bad financial practices and crimes. Most times, they go to schools to sensitize students on the negative effects of corruption on society. It is a very educative CDS group that corp members can learn a lot from.

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3. Red Cross
Corps members with medical history are usually posted to this group since it is health-related. They constantly engage in health outreach, administration of first aid kits, and more importantly, setting up clinics for the NYSC secretariat.

4. Road Safety
The Road Safety group is a good CDS group that helps the FRSC. They help in traffic controls, administer first aid to accident victims, create traffic awareness in schools, and establish road safety clubs in schools.

This group constantly sensitize the general public on HIV and other STDs. Also, they establish Peer Education Trainers (PET) in schools.

NEMA is another amazing CDS group to join as a corps member. Members of this group help in managing and controlling disasters like floods, building collapse, etc. The experience and knowledge gotten from this group are most beneficial to those interested in working with similar organizations in the future.

7. Editorial (OBS)
This is the media group of the NYSC and is known as OBS in camp. They do the Radio and TV shows as well the other publications. If you ever dream of becoming a presenter or writer, this is the group for you. Members of this CDS group are the ones publishing corpers’ monthly magazine as well as the end of service yearbook.

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