FORMAT FOR A CURRICULUM VITAE: Writing a perfect CV or resume is one thing but structuring the perfect layout for the resume is another important thing if you really want to get hired by a hiring manager.

There are usually so many job seekers out there and they all have resumes submitted to a hiring manager. These hiring managers usually don’t have time to read every single detail on a resume, so they just take a glance at a particular resume and just skim through it.

This is what usually happens and why many job seeker’s resumes are usually dumped in the trash.

When a hiring manager opens a resume and looks at it and sees information scattered all over the place i.e It has a very poor layout and structuring, then the manager will not find any interest in going through the rest of the resume and hence dumping it in the pile of trash all because the format for a curriculum vitae is not followed.

Why do they dump it because they have a lot of resumes to grow through and they will look for any excuse to write you off if you give them one.

DON’T give your hiring manager a reason to write you off the list of job seekers likely to get a job all you need to do is follow good best format for a curriculum vitae.

That is why in this article today, we’ll be teaching how to structure and layout your resume the best way that will interest your hiring manager.

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Without any more further Ado, let’s dive into this guide.

The Recommened Format For A Curriculum Vitae/Resume Formats.

There could be a thousand format for writing a perfect resume out there but in this article, we’ll be showing you the three most popular and recommended resume layout that it’s acceptable worldwide and also recognized by a hiring manager. These Formats includes:


The chronological reverse order format:

This is the most commonly and popularly used format for a curriculum vitae or format for writing a perfect resume. It is clear and very satisfying to look in the eye. It is also very recognizable by hiring managers.

What is the  chronological reverse order format:

This is a resume format whereby your work experiences and education or any other information you use on your resume is listed in order of most recent.

For instance:

This is the year 2021, and in the year 2019, you worked for a company. Few years later you quit that job and worked for a company in the year 2020.

Now in 2021, you’re writing a resume in chronologically reverse order format: You have to put the work experience of 2020 before the work experience you had in 2019.

So this is basically writing your resume in order of relevancy and the most recent.

Functional Resume format:

This is another format for writing a perfect resume but it is usually advised to be used.

This is a format where there are no specific qualifications in terms of education or work experience.

It is a skill-based format, which means the resume will only be filled with skills you ha e acquired that might just qualify you for the job description that the hiring manager is looking for.

These skills can be soft or hard skills.

So basically in this type of resume, you only highlight some of the basic skills you feel will make you qualified for a Job.

In this format also you don’t need to arrange the skills in any chronological order or in order of relevancy.

And usually, dates are not very much included.

Combination Format:

Just as the name sounds, it is a combination of both the chronological reverse order format and the functional resume format.

In some cases, it is usually called the hybrid Resume format.

So what do we mean by combination resume format?

This is a format that includes both the chronological reverse order format and the functional Formats.

Here you are advised to include and mention your Qualifications, certifications, work experience, education as well as your highlight your skills that will make sense to the hiring manager.

This format is great if you are have qualifications and also skills that you want to leverage in your new job.

This format also makes use of your full potential to show the hiring managers that you are very much more than qualified for a job.

What is the best format for a curriculum vitae for me and my personal needs:

Now you know the basic and the recommended formats for writing a perfect resume. You’re probably asking ‘which format will be most suitable for my personal needs

I’m not just going to list these formats for you, I’m also going to show you who can use  which format and when to use which Formats

When do you use the chronological reverse order format?


  1. It is the most commonly used and recognized by hiring managers as it can show a very quick overview of your experiences and hence Lessing their work.
  2. It is a format that highlights your career progress over time.
  3. It is a format that let’s you speak very well on your achievements and certifications etc.


  1. It is not suitable if you are some who is currently bor who will change careers in the future.
  2. It is not suitable if you have some skills you want to leverage because it basically focuses on your work experiences.
  3. It is not applicable if you’ve been out if job for a long time or if you’ve got gaps in between your employments because bit makes use of time and recent activities.

The chronological reverse order format is very suitable for people who have been established in their careers and will not be changing it any time soon.

When to use the Functional format:


  1. It can place the spotlight on your most important and priceless skills. It will help show the hiring managers that you hire worthy skills that can actually help them build their company to success.
  2. It can be a very good option for people who has been out of job or who have job gaps, because it doesn’t list your skills in order of relevancy or in order of most recent.
  3. It I very ideal for job and career changers.
  4. Disadvantages:
  5. It is not popular among hiring managers because it doesn’t look professional.
  6. It doesn’t highlight your Job experience or education.

The functional resume format is perfect for you to have many forms of gaps in your employment history and also if you do not have any job experience or education.

Combination Resume format:


  1. It is a format for people who are highly specialized in terms of skills and work experiences.
  2. It shows the hiring manager that you have a full potential. This is because instead of just mention that you had a master’s degree in computer engineering, you can let them know in your skills section that your are very skilled when it comes programming (hard skill) or good in team working ( soft skills).
  3.  It is very useful for people who are career changers and people who do not have enough work experiences and education. They can add a little work experience here and a little skill there.


  1. It is one of the most difficulties and complex resume format to write about. This is because you need to really structure all of this details so that it doesn’t come off to messy in the eye of the hiring manager.

The combination or hybrid resume format is perfect if you have work experiences that are important to the hiring managers and also skills that you feel will be very much important to the hiring managers too.

format for a curriculum vitae

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If you do have any questions about any of these formats (format for a curriculum vitae), feel free to leave us a comment and we’ll get back to you.

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