The Advantages of Having a Well Written Resume


A resume is a concise document that summarizes relevant job experience and education. It’s usually designed to be used as part of a job application. Sometimes a resume is called a curriculum vitae (Latin for “life story’), or CV for short.

When you send your resume to a prospective employer, they will use this in the first round of candidate selection. People are either included or excluded in the first narrowing of the candidate field based on what is in the resume. The successful candidate is one who will present work and educational experiences correctly and in a well-written format.

In fact, having an attractive and well-written resume cannot be overstressed. In many cases an employer will receive hundreds of resumes in response to a job notice. Only one person will be selected out of all of these hundreds. You simply must have a resume that includes all of the relevant information and is correctly formatted.

There are sample resumes out there for any job you can think of. It’s easy to go online and download specific samples for free. You can then use these examples to help you tailor your own resume toward a job in that field. You will improve your chances of getting a job accordingly.

You can also go to websites like for help with formatting. You want to get a prospective employer’s attention. At, you can download free samples and formats according to what type of job you are up for.

These days, most employers are going to want you to send in an electronic resume or e-resume. Generally this is done via email. These resumes, once submitted, are generally scanned electronically in the initial screening selection. Your resume needs to emphasize certain key words if you want to make it past this first cut.

Define your goals, list the skills you need to do each job you have done, figure out your format, and choose keywords. Once you have done this, ensure that your resume lists these keywords at least once. The electronic scanner will be looking for specific words and if your resume has them you have a better chance at being picked for an interview.

You need an impressive resume that is full of the right content and formatted attractively. This should be your first consideration in your job hunt.


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