Taaooma: Maryam Apaokagi, known professionally as Taaooma, is a Nigerian comedian, content creator, cinematographer, and social media influencer. She currently serves as the CEO, and founder of Chop Tao, a food company, and directs for The Greenade Company, a cinematography firm.

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Taaooma, real name Maryam Apaokagi, is a popular Nigerian comedian, content creator, cinematographer, and social media influencer. Known for her hilarious skits on social media, Taaooma has amassed a huge following and become a household name in Nigeria and beyond.

Early life and family background

Taaooma was born on February 28, 1999, in Kwara State, Nigeria. She grew up in a family of six children, with five sisters and one brother. Her father is a Nigerian while her mother is a Namibian. Taaooma attended Nigerian Navy Secondary School in Abuja for her secondary education and later attended Kwara State University where she graduated with a degree in Tourism and Travel Services Management.

Comedy origin story and early career

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Taaooma developed an interest in comedy at a young age, watching comedy skits on TV with her family and learning to make her own funny videos with her siblings. She went on to study cinematography at a private institution in Lagos, where she honed her skills in video production.

Taaooma’s comedy career began in 2015 when she started making and sharing funny skits on Instagram. She gained a small following, but it wasn’t until 2018 when her skits began to gain traction and her following started to grow rapidly.

Breakthrough moments and rise to fame

Taaooma’s breakthrough moment came in 2019 when she made a video in which she acted as a Nigerian mother scolding her daughter who spent a large sum of money on shopping. The video went viral, and Taaooma rose to fame as people began to share and repost her videos.

Her big break led to collaborations with big brands in Nigeria such as Zubby Studios, Piggy Bank, and Paystack, among others. Her social media followers have grown exponentially since then, and she has a combined following of over 9 million on Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter as of 2021.

Signature style and notable performances

Taaooma’s signature style of comedy is centered around Nigerian culture and daily life, with a focus on exaggerated depictions of everyday situations. Her skits often feature relatable characters such as Nigerian mothers, students, and workers.

She has performed at several events and comedy shows, including the 2019 edition of The Experience concert held in Lagos. She was also featured in a short film titled “Get Ready with Me” which was selected for screening at the African International Film Festival (AFRIFF) in 2020.

Personal life and relationships


Taaooma likes to keep her personal life private, but it is known that she is married to Abula, who is also a content creator and cinematographer. The couple got married in February 2021 in a private ceremony, and they often feature in each other’s videos.

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Challenges, controversies, and setbacks

Taaooma has faced some backlash on social media for some of her skits, with some critics accusing her of promoting negative stereotypes about Nigerians and perpetuating negative ideas about Nigerian culture. However, Taaooma has defended her work, stating that she creates comedy based on her own experiences and that her intention is never to offend anyone.

Legacy, honors and achievements

Taaooma’s success as a comedian and content creator has earned her several honors and awards, including the ELOY Awards for Social Media Influencer of the Year in 2019 and the Best Online Comedian at the Gage Awards in 2020. She has also been recognized as one of the top 50 digital influencers in Africa by Avance Media.


Taaooma’s rise to fame is a testament to the power of social media and the impact of relatable comedy. Her skits have brought laughter and joy to many people in Nigeria and beyond, and she continues to be a role model for aspiring comedians and content creators in Africa.

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