6 Steps to getting a job after NYSC

steps to getting a job after NYSC

Steps to getting a job after NYSC , are you a recent graduate? You are now expected to be satisfied. You may find that it is difficult for the federal government to make the National Youth Service Corps work. Not only will this open you up to new cultures, but it will also allow you to meet new, interesting people and develop your network.

For many graduates, attending NYSC eliminates the shame of sitting at home. You gain work experience and earn a minimum wage of one year. But the funny question is “What’s next for POP?” No one wants to go home twisting his fingers. The best part is getting a well-paying job as soon as possible. Then you can be your own man / woman and leave your parents’ house.

If you want to get a job right away or soon after you finish working with Grandpa, the following ideas will help you achieve your goals.

steps to getting a job after NYSC
steps to getting a job after NYSC

Here Are The 6 Steps to getting a job after NYSC

1. Learn skills:

It is unfortunate that Nigeria and schools do not always support us for the job market. Many people graduate only to find that they have no job skills. With a shortage of jobs, it can be difficult to find a job in your field of study.

So, the best way to move forward is to acquire valuable skills that not only improve your performance but also allow you to start your own business.

With good skills, you can find a job that will help you work from home and earn good money.

Sign up for online or offline courses and start learning skills such as graphic design, web design, content writing, software development, data analysis, and more.

Do research on Google and YouTube and learn more.

2. Build positive relationships

It is not an isolated island. Everyone needs someone. You need the right connection if you are going to go too far in life. So it is very important that you start your network on time. This way you

know the message at the right time. You know the service offered as well as the time and how to apply. So try to make as many friends as possible. You can create a LinkedIn account and connect with people. Follow the experts in your area of ​​interest.

3. Prepare your CV / CV

A focused CV / CV helps you stand out among the thousands of job seekers who will organize. You must submit your CV to the status you are applying for. Do not use the same CV for all applications. Endeavor to change it accordingly. So make sure you do proper research for how to write a winning blog.

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4. Contact recruiters and submit the unwanted application.

LinkedIn has made it possible to connect with people who can promote your business. You can connect with employers and human resources from different companies. This allows you to show them off and have a chance to prepare for work.

If you have a beautiful profile, employers can contact you. Even if they don’t call you after reading your profile, you are still a winner where you can send them a message or check out their business.

5. Find the appropriate space anywhere

Looking for a job is easy for the internet. You can go online and search for job openings. Sign up for platforms like Jobberman and NgCareers to be notified of the new book. Make sure you visit the websites of the companies you want to work with and find out what is new on their work pages and whether they are hiring or not.

LinkedIn is another great channel for getting great deals. Newspapers also advertise space. So make sure you read these pages every time.

6. Prepare for the interview

Interviews can be intimidating. When you see a mark, your palms are sweating, if you are not careful, you will lose confidence and show the wrong kind.

But practice makes it perfect. The more interviews you have, the more you are aware of the situation as well as the more likely you are to get a job. So don’t be afraid to apply for as many jobs as possible and leave the interview when you are motivated.

However, a good way would be to know what is expected of you before entering the interview room for the first time. If you are ready, you can get the job of your dreams for the first time. You may want to know more about how to behave during the interview. And make sure you learn all about the company.

In addition to the interviews, some organizations included written tests as part of their screening process. So make sure you study and know the GMAT question.

The aforementioned are the 6 Steps to getting a job after NYSC.


The idea of ​​looking for a job in a competitive market, applying for endless applications and tedious interviews can be overwhelming. Many people try to spend less time by going back to school for their graduation program. Many believe that earning a master’s degree allows them more and more opportunities to get a well-paying job. However, this may not always be the case.

Even when you spend more time in school, you will still have to find a job search and in some cases you may not be able to get the job you want, unless you must have a good relationship.

So, you can also start doing the necessary things now to get closer to your dream job. Even if you want to take your master’s program, you can do it after you get a job.

The steps to getting a job after NYSC has been listed and I hope you find them helpful.

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