The most common NYSC Acronyms that needed to be known by both PCMs and Corps Members

1) PCM (Prospective Corp Members): Means those going for NYSC soon

2) CPI (Corps Producing Institution): Means institution the prospective corper finished from

3) State Code: An identification number given to only you in camp after registration in camp. I.e LA/19B/006, OG/19B/2078

4) Platoon: Group you would be put in after doing registration in camp. The groups are numbered from 1-10..The number that ends your state code says what platoon you are in. I.e LA/19B/1003… You are in platoon “3”

5) Platoon Inspector: The person I’m charge of your platoon in camp

6) PPA (primary place of assignment): Where you’ll be working through out your service year.

7) LG ( Local Government): The local government you’ll be posted to in the state LGI (Local Government Inspector) : the head of NYSC in every Local Government

9) CDS group(Community Development Service): A group you would have to be a member of while a corper.

10) SAED program (Skills acquisition and entrepreneurship development): ang program of your choice that you’ll choose to enable you have a skill to earn income

11) Clearance Letter: A letter of confirmation every month from your PPA, that you went to work through out that month

12) Letter Of Request: A letter requesting for your service from any PPA (this is for if you want to change PPA’s or work your PPA)

13) Letter Of Rejection: You have to get this from your current PPA during service, if you want to change PPA.

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