Skills Acquisition Programme 2.0: How To Make Your NYSC Service Year A Productive One.

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Have you been wondering what to do after NYSC or During NYSC that will guarantee you the standard of living you are dreaming of?

Nigeria Produced Thousands of graduate yearly without making jobs available for them but only few of them are making ways through digital skills and freelancing.

NYSC service year should not be a waste one but an opportunity to decide what will happen do you during and after NYSC. Let me even ask you are you okay with #33,000 Alawee?

Absolutely No, There are some skills you will acquire that you will have 3x of your monthly allawee within the first week of the month.

In order to pay you guys back for the love and contribution you have really showed in this group we have really went extra milles to organize a webinar that will make your service year a productive one.

Introducing to you SKILL ACQUISITION PROGRAMME 2.0, we the admin of this group in conjunction with Skills Wider Academy have come together to organize this mind-blowing training what will enable you live the kind of life you dreamed during and after your NYSC service year.

In the training you will be taught the following skills:

1. Graphics Design

2. Website Design

3. Digital Marketing

4. Mini Importation and Gadget Importation.

5. Introduction to Freelancing (Fiverr).

This training is going to be a top notch because what you will be getting is some secret which nobody have ever told you before.

The training is going to take place between 17th June and 16th July 2021 Via WhatsApp (8pm Monday – Friday)I won’t be saying much here, click on the link below to book your slot.

Register For A Slot Here

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