A number of Nollywood stars have relocated to foreign countries and eventually become citizens of those countries (by naturalisation).

A naturalised citizen of a particular country is someone who has legally become a citizen of that country, although they were not born there. Naturalisation may be done automatically by a statute, i.e., without any effort on the part of the individual, or it may involve an application or a motion and approval by legal authorities.

Amid the fuel as well as naira notes scarcity in the country coupled with a rise in the number of Nigerians ‘japaing’ to other countries, it was the best time for the comic star, Osinachi Dikeh, popularly known as ‘Apama’ Egbeigwe, to announce his dual citizenship as he took to his Facebook page to update his fans and followers that he may never return to Nigeria seeing the new development.


He obliged them to join him in thanking God for securing his blue passport which he noted wasn’t easy to achieve.

Flaunting his US passport he held side-by-side with his Nigerian passport, the funny man said: “So brethren help me thank God. It has not been an easy thing.
“I will be leaving my family; my wife should take care of the children. I have tried my wife should take care of my kids.

“I have tried. I need to leave. I need to go and make money. I might not even come back.

“In fact, anywhere you see me in Owerri or in Nigeria collect money from me cause I am no longer around. Let me go and enjoy myself”.

Below are other Nollywood stars that were also naturalised to become citizens of the United States of America.

Regina Asakia-Williams

Regina Asakia-Williams

The US-based nurse was born on December 16, 1967 in Lagos.

Askia-Williams’s acting break came in 1993 when she played gold-digger Tokunbo Johnson in the Nigerian soap, “Fortunes” (later Mega Fortunes) on NTA Network, a role which earned her critical acclaim and roles in Nollywood movies.

A graduate of the University of Lagos with a degree in Biology, she later became a registered nurse, after earning her nurse practitioner degree at Wagner College in the United States.

The ex-beauty queen, who is married to American Rudolph ‘Rudy’ Williams and has been in the United States for 20 years, took to Facebook in July, 2017 to announce that she had become a green card holder after delaying it for many years.

She wrote on Facebook: “And so today I made it official. I took the oath and became a citizen of the United States of America. Empowered and armed for the full pursuit of life, liberty and happiness.”

Laide Bakare

Laide Bakare
Laide Bakare

2017 was indeed a remarkable year for Laide Bakare who expressed excitement about becoming a  U.S Citizen.

In October, she became a U.S. citizen years after her bitter divorce from her US-based husband, Olumide Okufulure.

Laide who relocated to New York shortly after the birth of her son took a much-needed break from acting in her quest to fulfill all the requirements to become a citizen.

Her application received a favourable response when USCIS conferred on her the honour of a citizen few days before her 36th birthday.

In a photo shared on her social media page, Bakare displayed her new citizenship certificate and awards to show that she had indeed become a U.S citizen.

Yomi Gold

yomi gold

In November 2018, shortly after he posted a viral video that suggested that he got his US citizenship approved, the actor received lots of congratulatory messages from his fans and relations.

On his Instagram, he shared a video of himself shaking hands with some persons in a courthouse. It seemed like a moment to remember in his caption accompanying the clip.

“Very meaningful and rewarding moment.. God bless the United States of America”, he wrote.

The actor later revealed to Saturday Beats that the feat was one of the most memorable moments of his life.

“My best moments as an actor would be right now as I have just received my US citizenship. The love and congratulatory messages I have been receiving are overwhelming. It feels very great to be an American citizen because I am now a citizen of the world.”

Bigvai Jokotoye

bigvai jokotoye 1
Bigvai Jokotoye

Actor Bigvai Jokotoye was overwhelmed with joy after he became a citizen of the United States Of America.

The producer-cum-actor who has been based in America officially became a US citizen on 2nd June, 2021.

The actor took to his social media handle to announce the good news to his fans and followers, displaying his citizenship certificate. He also prayed for those who were genuinely happy for him.

Showing off his certificate, the actor shared a video saying: “I am the happiest man right now, I don’t know what to say. Finally, I am a US citizen.

“They brought my certificate, everything. If you are happy for me, God will do it for you. Finally, a U.S citizen .. Thank God for everything.”

Prince Eke

prince eke
Prince Eke

On October 24, 2022, Prince Eke was over the moon with his achievement when he officially became a citizen of the United States of America.

Eke took to Instagram page where he shared a video expressing gratitude to God.

He wrote: “Today I truly become an American. I give God all the glory because it’s neither by my power nor by my might. It’s all His Grace!

“So many started this journey before me but their cases are still undecided. Some got drowned in the Mediterranean Sea while others died in the deserts all in an effort to run away from a wicked government. A government that has weaponized poverty. Insecurity and hunger is the order of the day. Thank God for His Grace upon me. I HAVE MY PVC.”

Uche Jombo

Uche Jumbo
Uche Jombo

In December 2022, actress, Uche Jombo, became a US citizen.

The mother of one celebrated her 43rd birthday on Wednesday, December 28 and showed off her blue passport in a video that was shared by her pal, Ini Edo who was felicitating with her on her birth anniversary.

Ini Edo ‘crushing’ on her friend’s blue passport while revealing she had become a US citizen prayed that her time would also come when she’d proudly flaunt hers and announce her dual citizenship too.

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