Huge congratulations to all members of 2021 Batch C Prospective Corp as internal mobilization for the NYSC has started and some schools have started posting their senate rosters which will be sent to the NYSC for review and download.

NYSC 2021 Batch C Senate List
NYSC 2021 Batch C Senate List

Most institutions have just started publishing the names of their eligible applicants / students for the next batch of services.

Note that this Senate List is not the official NYSC Senate List which was uploaded by the NYSC, it is normally considered the Internal Senate List which is published by schools / institutions so that their students cross-reference their names. and check if their contact details are correct without any form of error or anything.

Before this list is finally sent to the NYSC for download, applicants who find their name on their school’s NYSC Senate list should keep in touch with their respective institutions and make any necessary corrections before their names are finally released. sent to NYSC.

Please note that if your name is not sent to the NYSC to be uploaded and ultimately reflected on the NYSC Senate List portal, under no circumstances will you be able to register online when the registration portal is open.

Read more about nysc senate list here.

Our candid advise is to stay closer to your institution in other to know if they have started their own internal mobilization.

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