Resume Builder: How to Gain Experience When You Have None


Freelancing: If you feel as though employers are not giving you a chance, it may be time to create your own opportunities.This is a good resume builder. Beware that this option is often far from easy. You are competing against other freelance professionals and the rates offered to potential customers can be very competitive. Even though this option can turn into something long-term, for many people who are starting out, it doesn’t exactly turn a high profit.

Grassroots or Social Media Campaigns: Is there a cause or business that you are passionate about? If a company or organization needs help spreading the word, you may be the right person to act as a liaison between them and the public. When choosing the right grassroots campaign, do your research. Find out who the company or organization has worked with and where they have been featured. If they are just starting out, it’s important to decide if you want to be part of a start-up organization.

Online Portfolios: Employers want to see examples of your work. Examples of your work would be photographs, artwork, writing samples, websites, and pictures taken from an event that you’ve managed. An online portfolio is an easy and efficient way to not only keep up with your works of art or articles, but show them upon request. They also can be very fun to create. Digital imaging has come a long way, so take advantage of sprucing up your credentials.

Courses: Taking additional courses that are outside of your degree can help you find a specific focus for a future career. Unfortunately, taking the same courses as everyone else in your graduating does not give you an edge above other applicants. There are non-credit courses offered at many colleges and universities that can help you learn specialized skills and give you a platform to practice these skills in a real-life setting.

Events: Whether it’s big or small, putting together an event demonstrates the ability to plan, schedule, execute, and manage something. You can put together an educational event, support group, or a social gathering with a networking focus. Make sure you’re planning something that fits within your budget and you make an allotment for contingencies.

Volunteering: One of the best ways to build experience for your resume is to volunteer, especially at a well-known non-profit organization. These organizations can provide work experience in fundraising, management, event planning, media relations, and much more. Not every college student is granted an internship, but you can always offer your time and service.

For organizations that need volunteers, try one of these websites:


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