This information below is a very important one that will set you up and give you accurate information about registration in camp and show you how to get started.

GATE CHECKPOINT: You would be requested to tender your call up letter then the security will search your luggage ones you’re cleared they will give you a tag number. (Some camps might not give you).


Don’t go with foodstuff, they will only permit provisions and garri

Don’t go with cutleries like fork and knife

Don’t go with weapons or a car.

Don’t go with Gass or stove

ACCOMMODATION: After the gate checkpoint, go to where you would be allocated a hostel and bed space. the tag number given to you by the security men at the gate would be collected here, then you will write your name.

After taking out the camp required documents, locate your bed space and proceed with your registration.

VERIFICATION OF DOCUMENTS Original documents and at most five photocopies of each would be requested:

✳Call-up letter

✳Green card

✳School ID card

✳Statement of result

✳Certificate of medical fitness

BIOMETRIC VERIFICATION: If Your thumbprint matched with what you did during registration, then they will determine the platoon you belong. Then you will be given,

▶Camp Corps Member ▶Registration Slip” and Temporary I.D,

▶Certificate format

Performance report form

▶Bio-data form.


Make two photocopies of the slip and keep the slip for further use.

Check the last digit number in your state code. It ranges from, 0 to 9.

0 is platoon 🔟

1 is platoon 1⃣

2 is platoon 2⃣

3 is platoon 3⃣

4 is platoon 4⃣

5 is platoon 5⃣

6 is platoon 6⃣

7 is platoon 7⃣

8 is platoon 8⃣

9 is platoon 9⃣

PLATOON: All platoon will be directed to gather at different locations.

Locate your platoon with the camp corps member registration slip, Green Card, Call up letter, statement of result, file, Meal ticket, and NYSC Kits.

OPENING OF BANK ACCOUNT: All PCMs must open a new bank account in camp to save yourself from I didn’t see my allowee come next month.

You will need your BVN number.

In order to know your Bank Verification Number (BVN), thanks to the easy methods, you can now check your BVN number code on your mobile phone. Just dial *565*0# to check your Bank Verification Number (BVN).

The name arrangements on your BVN doesn’t affect the your allowee payment but withdrawal may be problem.

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