In this article I’m going to show quick steps to follow when you are doing your registration.

If am yet to tell you, am telling you now, camp registration can be so stressful because of the large crowd that will wanna register at the same time.

Many graduates are still like secondary school students, we just can’t maintain order and calmness, pushing each other on the queue, not well organized, infact, people will fight themselves because of “I first you reach here, I first you si down here”

My Own camp registration doing my time was pretty stressful, no one gave me the clues.

I wanted to do all at the same time, I wanted to finish registration quick.


There is no medal for I finish quick so no come and kill or wound yourselves, also if you start registering today, If you are tired, continue tomorrow is not a do or die affairs.  

Don’t say because you wanna finish registration on the first day, you didn’t eat, uhmmmmm, weakness wey go hold you for night ehn!

Imagine travelling a far distance and getting to camp and still running up and down to complete registration without eating, no try am o.

You will see people running from ICT center, to the registration hall, to the place to open bank account, run to hostels, run to mami to do photocopy, run from soldiers, run to run, are you a runner?

Am giving you this OT so you don’t behave like a jambite.

Dey calm, hold bodi 2geda, don’t rush, walk slowly. platoon distribution won’t finish.

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