After registration for National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) and successful mobilization, prospective corps members will be informed when they will be going to orientation camp. It is necessary to prepare everything early enough before hand to avoid facing challenges. Mobilized prospective corps members will need to go to orientation camp with some requirements. Some are official while others are personal. This post will focus on official requirements.

Official Document

These documents are compulsory to be submitted at the orientation ground. Failure to come along with them can prevent one from serving with that batch. They include;

Green Card

This is a document that you print out in your NYSC dashboard. It comes out about 2-5 days from the day of registration. It is a proof of successful online registration with the programme. It contains your call-up number and other registration details. The call-up number contains details of the year you register for the programme, school you graduated from, and your special number. It looks like NYSC/DSU/2019/123456. The green card must be printed in coloured and must not be laminated. Make about 2 copies.

Call-up Letter

This document is alo printed from your NYSC dashboard. You will be notified via email when to print it. Put your ears to the ground as you may not be notified. Always check your dashboard. It normally comes out some days after the end of online registration for that batch. It shows you the state orientation camp you are posted to. It also contains other details. Print two coloured copies and make about 2 extra copies. And do not laminate.

Medical Certificate

This certificate indicate your health status. It is compulsory and needed to register at orientation camp. There are two types of certificate. A candidate need one and not both. They are medical fitness certificate and medical report. Medical fitness certificate is a medical data that shows that the prospective corps member is healthy and fit for camp. On the other hand, medical report contains data that shows that the PCM is not healthy and medical fit to go to camp or participate in camp activities. All PCM need one original and about 2 copies.

School Identification Card

Hope you have not out of excitement during induction thrown your school Identification card away. Now you need it. If you have misplaced your own, go back to your school and get it done. It will cost some money. If you attended a school that give yearly identification card, come with your last year or final year school Identification card. However, for school that give one card throughout, you can use that one. Make about 2 copies.

Statement/Notification Of Result/Certificate

If you have not gotten your certificate from your institution, you can use notification and or statement of result. It must contain your institution stamp, year of graduation, degree and other relevant information. Any forge copy will lead to arrest. If you present a certificate, you don’t need a school identification card. Make about 2 copies.

Licence/Cover Letter

It is very difficult to process your licence before the orientation camp. Very few persons have done that and that is because they for one reason or the other delayed their service year. Because of the time constraints, the pharmacist council of Nigeria will provide a cover letter that will be address to the Director General of NYSC. Make about 2 copies.

Passport Size Photograph

You must go along with passport. It should be as recent as possible. Red background will do. Make about 8 copies but I use 5.
You must go with the original of all these documents. It is possible to make copies at the orientation camp. However, if you consider the cost it is best to do it before going. Get a transparent water resistant file and securely keep your documents. And remember, documents are kept at owners risk. You may not exhaust the photocopy. I did not use some of the photocopy.
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