NYSC Portal Relocation and Redeployment Process – Step By Step


This reinstallation of the NYSC portal will show you the best and easiest ways to deal with your redeployment that NYSC officials cannot deny.

So NYSC just sent you to a place you think you don’t want. You don’t need to panic or worry. The order letter is not the last word. You always have a chance to redeploy. Also, be aware that NYSC doesn’t just redeploy members of the Corp. Your reason won’t just be, because you don’t like the place. See also: NYSC move after 3 months Full details

Two Ways to Request NYSC Portal Relocation

If you want your NYSC portal reinstallation to go smoothly, you will need to review this important information below. There are two traditional ways of dealing with NYSC portal relocation and I’ll just explain it below.

1. Make a request in the camp

The first way is during orientation camp. It is during the 21 days of orientation course on the camp that interested members of the Corporation will have the opportunity to reapply for relocation in the second week of the camp. Normally, a form will be given to interested corpers to complete. The Corp member will need to state the reason for wanting to apply for relocation, providing proof as proof. You will also be asked to submit a redeployment request letter along with the form.

2. Apply online after camp

It is sometimes difficult or rather impossible to obtain relocation approval after the 21 days of orientation camping have passed in time. But now that we are in the internet age, the NYSC Board of Directors has now made it possible to request a move online easily, even after camp is over. You don’t need to wait to get your relocation approval after 3 months as you can get relocation approval even after 2 weeks of applying. Not sure how to apply online.

If NYSC is still redeploying people anyway, everyone would likely serve in their own home state. But to say that you are sick, or that you always have bad dreams, all that you are away from home, or because of the distance will not redeploy you.

Here are the reasons why the NYSC will consider your request for redeployment to another state:

1. Marital reasons

This normally only applies to women members of society who wish to move to the state where their husbands live. A member of society who finds himself in such a situation should submit a written request after the swearing-in ceremony indicating why he / she wishes to be relocated. The letter of application should be addressed to the Director General through the State Coordinator. Since you are applying for the marital reason, you must attach the following:

A valid marriage certificate

A document showing a name change in one of the national newspapers and affidavit

A letter from your husband’s place of work that will serve as proof that your husband is domiciled in the state you wish to move to.

Wedding photos.

2. Health / medical reasons

This reason is for those who have extreme or recurring illnesses that require close monitoring. You will need a medical report from your institution’s medical center or a recognized hospital. Please note that these claims for health reasons are subject to further confirmation to establish its authenticity.

3. Security reasons

Although there are the best states to serve as a youth corp in Nigeria, some states are affected by Boko Haram insurgents and they are Borno, Adamawa, Gombe, Yobe and other states in the north of this region. It is not news that parents and guardians will not even allow their children to go to the orientation exercise at camp to talk more about serving in such a state. So, if you are affected with such a state which could be a terror in your life, you should use insecurity as the reason.

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