NYSC ONLINE REGISTRATION FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS: We have taken our time to help you guys with Nysc Online Registration Frequently Asked Questions you need to know before starting your registration.

Below is a very useful article about NYSC Online Registration Frequently asked questions that might help. Below will provide an answer to every question about registration you might have:

How will I know if the registration Portal is open?
The NYSC registration is not a secret thing. It will be all over the news and most especially, on our  WhatsApp groups.

Are there accredited centers for the registration?
Yes, NYSC now have accredited centers for online registration. Each states have their own accredited centers which means you need to visit NYSC accredited center before you can register online. Click here to see NYSC accredited center in your state

Gmail and Yahoo mail, which one is better?
Gmail is better for this purpose. The NYSC recommends Gmail for the registration.

Can I use my normal Gmail or I should create another one?
You can of course use your normal Gmail as long as you still have access to it. If you also wish to open another one, you are free.

Can I do the registration on my phone?
No, you can’t. The biometric verification requires a thumbprint scanner and it’s a very important step of NYSC registration.

You can only begin the registration with phone by creating an account. But save yourself the stress, just visit the café and register.

Can I use my Mum or Dad or Girlfriend or Boyfriend Phone number?
NO! Use your own phone number

Can someone do the biometric verification for me?
NO! You are to do it by yourself. If it does not match your thumb, the official will send you out of NYSC camp.

How is the choosing of state of choice look like?
The NYSC management has removed the choosing of 4 states from the geographical regions.
You just register and NYSC post you anywhere.

Will I submit my BVN during registration?
NO! You should never submit your BVN to anyone.

Is it a must I register on the first day the Portal is Open?
Whether you register on the first day or the last day, you will still be posted randomly.

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Must I pay the N3,000?
It is not a must but I will advice you to pay. If you pay the money, you will be able to print your green card and call-up letter from your dashboard later. But if you don’t pay, you will have to go back to your school to collect your call-up letter and green card. Your school will still charge you though.

If my girlfriend and I selected the same states of choice during registration, will NYSC post us to the same place?
No one can guarantee that but it doesn’t mean it’s not possible. NYSC posting is randomly, so expect anything.

Is NYSC registration first come first serve?
Not at all. You will be deployed randomly and the time you register does not affect posting.

Do I need a passport for NYSC registration?
Yes, of course, you do.

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