NYSC Difference between Medical Certificate of Fitness and Medical Report

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It is no longer news that the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) has made it compulsory for Prospective Corps Members (PCM) to report to the orientation camp with certificate of medical fitness as one of the basic requirements for participation in the NYSC programme.

Kindly be informed that Certificate of Medical Fitness is not the same as Medical Report.
Certificate of Medical Fitness is compulsorily required in the NYSC camp, while Medical Report is voluntarily (not compulsory)

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Before we move on, let me quickly show you the difference between Certificate of Medical Fitness and Medical Report so that you would be able to differentiate between them.

Difference between Medical Certificate of Fitness and Medical Report as being required by the NYSC.
A Certificate of Medical Fitness contains certain prescribed tests.

These tests are being prescribed by the NYSC doctors. So, PCMs will have to undergo those tests.NYSC requires that the tests be taken in Government Hospital or Military Clinic; while a Medical Report does not contain any prescribed test. This report state and explain the nature of your ailments.

Medical Report is not compulsory, it’s only required from PCMs who wish to be re-deployed to other states on health ground. The report can be obtained from any hospital or personal doctors.


Note: Certificate of Medical Fitness is compulsory for all PCM, but Medical Report is not compulsory, only those who seek redployment to another state based on health issues can go with Medical Report to facilitate their redeployment.
So, any PCM who wishes to be redeployed based on medical reasons, should go to NYSC orientation camp with both Medical Report and Certificate of Medical Fitness.

The Best Time to Obtain You Certificate of Medical Fitness or Medical Report
Since NYSC does not want any Medical Report or Certificate of Medical Fitness that is more than 3-month-old, the best time for to obtain your medical documents is after the NYSC online registration because you don’t know yet whether you will fall within Stream1 or Stream2. Or whether you will need to redeploy or not.

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