Npower stipend /salary  2021  |see salary latest news |backlog payment

This article is strictly written for all Npower beneficiaries who are waiting for the NPOWER monthly salary or stipend for  2021. We are going to give you all update on the recent happening.

This article is strictly for all Npower applicants/beneficieries irrespective of the category of the program you are ;who are expecting their next salary for the month of 2019.

What is NPower stipend all about?

NPower salary or stipend is just the monthly allowance given to all beneficiaries of the program. Recall that the Federal government has promised to be releasing funds on monthly basis.

This fund is just to cover your monthly expenses and nothing more.

How much is NPower stipend?

NPower stipend across board is 30,000, hence all Npower beneficiaries are expected to receive 30,000 on monthly basis except those who are under Npower build.

What’s the latest news about January/February stipend?

The latest information we got so far is that your funds will soon be released.
We are using this medium to apologize and also to admonish you all to hold on, continue the service you are rendering in your various primary place of assignment.

All you have to do now is just to exercise little patience. As far as your stipend is not on hold and your account details remain intact you will receive your fund.

Warning: Don’t ever reveal your bank account details to any one,most especially your BVN details.

More details will come your way shortly,always visit this page on daily basis for fresh updates.

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