Come October 1, 2021, on Nigeria’s Independence Day, SuperTV

The new wonder kid on the online streaming business is ready to set the Nigerian entertainment field ablaze with a turbocharged ZERO DATA APP – for an all-inclusive movie viewing experience.

On that day, the SuperTV all entertainment APP will be available for DOWNLOAD by Nigerians who have been anticipating the exciting opportunity of watching their movies with Zero Data.

The App download will be done through the App Store (Google play store or Apple store).

SuperTV’s power-packed operational and hard-to-beat market entry strategy is based on a “ZERO DATA” proposition, coupled with her tectonic partnership with Nigeria’s largest telecom network, MTN.

This double-entry strategy is to ensure easy subscribers’ network access and affordability of SuperTV products and services everywhere they go – with the MTN network coverage.

This partnership leverages cutting edge innovation and technology that offers the brand- a competitive advantage in the industry.

The SuperTV App, for now, will only be available to MTN subscribers.

With SuperTV, subscribers do not incur internet data charges to stream after subscription.

The user gets to enjoy either Live TV, Video on Demand, or both, at absolutely no additional cost after subscribing successfully.

SuperTV is also in partnership with different live TV channels for live TV feeds on the go.

The local and international movie industries provide different genres ranging from Nollywood movies and all its sub-genres to International feature films and their sub-genres; Hollywood, Bollywood, Korean, Turkish, Telenovelas etc.

The Kids are not left out as there are animations and educational kid content also available.

Sports, food and culinary, travel, automobile, animals & wildlife, history & culture and documentaries are also included.

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At the launch event to unveil the brand’s offerings powered by the “ZERO DATA” proposition, Ijeoma Onah, Acting CEO, Super Network Limited, promoter of SuperTV, said that,

“Nigeria currently has about 173 million mobile subscribers with a penetration rate of 123%.

Smartphone penetration is 40 million – forecasted to grow to more than 140 million by 2025.

In spite of these very impressive numbers, Nigeria is still performing very poorly in the streaming markets, hardly even showing up in global statistics.

The major reason for this is that the average Nigerian cannot afford the data costs required to stream video. This is how and why SuperTV was conceived, to democratise streaming in Nigeria and Africa.”

Accordingly, this ‘democratisation of streaming’ entails that the subscriber does not incur internet data charges to stream after subscribing to SuperTV.

“The user gets to enjoy either Live TV, Video on Demand or both at absolutely no additional cost after subscribing successfully.

They have access to TV everywhere with MTN network coverage.

We also leveraged on the sachet culture in Nigeria by providing daily plans across all our bouquets thereby making the service affordable and inclusive for everyone.

Our entry level price of N200 for the Bronze Daily plan is about the cost of a bottle of soft drink for example.

SuperTV therefore offers great entertainment and an affordable viewing experience,” Onah added.

SuperTV, she said, is opening up access to inclusiveness in entertainment without barriers.

Since the use of smart devices is evolving, the SuperTV brand will be uniquely opening the doors of access, communication and participation on the global stage.

The benefits of using SuperTV streaming media are enormous; flexible and affordable packages, no monthly rental fees for digital boxes as they can watch programmes when they want, on their schedules and demands.

With its quality brand offerings and market entry strategy, it can be projected that SuperTV will literally take over the TV viewing world by storm, to transform the Over-the-Top (OTT) viewing experience as millions of Nigerians cut the cord and switch over to online streaming services, to get access to their preferred pay-TV channels via live streaming, because of its convenience and ubiquity.

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