Nexit: FG Introduces Work Nation To Train And Retain Exited Npower Batch C1 beneficiaries

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NEXIT: FG Introduces Work Nation To Train And Retain Exited Npower Batch C1 beneficiaries – At WORKNATION, we have taken a unique demand-driven and proactive approach to bridging the talent gap in Africa and meeting global needs in the workplace. Working with strategic organizations and partners aligned with our mission, we match talent with national, regional and global opportunities by:

  • Preparing talents to meet specific industry needs in line with global shifts in the nature of work and skill set demands.
  • Customizing training curriculum to equip, up-skill and re-skill talents as best fits for global brands and the digital economy workforce.
  • Prequalifying talents for industry-specific training and selection for internship or employment.
  • Blending the skills, attitude, experience and passion of talents to meet the expectations of the future of work.

Work Nation is Africa’s talent/skills acquisition platform where talents/skills are also developed and connected to opportunities around the world.

To ensure that the alarming rate of unemployment in the country is curbed, the Federal Government has taken a further step forward to introduce the WORK NATION program where expired Npower C1 recipients will be trained/trained and linked to opportunities across the world.

All Npower C1 beneficiaries that this program (WORK NATION) reflects on their dashboard are advised to take the test and wait patiently for the selection stage. During this testing process, make sure your information is entered correctly and avoid incorrect entry.

Work Nation Featured

1) Business Analyst

2) Customer Service

3) Engineering

4) Accounting

5) Management

6) Construction

7) Full stack development

8) Petroleum engineering

9) Administrative assistant

10) Marketing

11) Customer Service Representative

12) Aviation

13) Sales Management

14) Mechanical engineering

15) Data analyst

16) Human resources

Top Employers Are:

1) Global

2) Government

3) Private

How to Apply  for Npower Work Nation Training for Npower Batch C Beneficiaries, 2022

Interested and qualified applicants should visit

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