Meaning Of NYSC Remobilization

Nysc batch c orientation

It is paramount that you should take note of this term very well so you don’t confuse it with the term mobilization. NYSC remobilization is meant for corps members who disappeared from service. They are those that could not complete their service year for reasons best known to them.

Some others were decamped from camp for various acts and offenses but they are given another chance to apply for remobilization whenever they are ready to participate in the scheme again.

NYSC Remobilization is meant for those who;

  1. after registration at the CAMP or after being posted to a PPA (place of primary assignment) absconded and didn’t complete the service year.
  2. May also be the option for corpers who were sent out of camp for participating in sexual activities or gambling, smoking, fighting. I am only certain about the first option.

So if you didn’t report to your PPA for the period of 90 days to 110 days, you would be declared as ABSCONDED CORP MEMBER. Unlike Revalidation, you will not go camping again

How to Apply for NYSC Remobilization?

Once the remobilization portal is opened the affected candidates are required to visit and fill out the form.

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