Whitemoney Queen 2

Housemate WhiteMoney has made a U-turn on the issues he had with Queen as he promises to be available for her and help her not to spoil her game.

Recall that WhiteMoney and Queen had issues yesterday after Queen disclosed that she will make love with Cross and with him, too.

Reacting to this, WhiteMoney replied that her words hurt him to his bones.

Since then, she has apologized continually.

This morning, WhiteMoney seems to have forgotten the issues they had as he was spotted making promises to Queen.

In one of his statements, he said

“I am going to be here for you because I don’t want anything to spoil your game in this house, I promise”.

Queen blushed and hugged him while laying down on his body. She also stated that she has missed him despite the fact that she finds him to be an annoying person.

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