To all Batch C and other Prospective Corps Members, this is to inform you beforehand that your name on your NYSC Documents( Call Up Letter, Green Card) and bank account including BVN should correspond.

If not you will have issues trying to get your allowance from the bank which it will be paid into.

It is no longer news that you will need to open a new bank account for your NYSC monthly allawe and to avoid withdrawal issue your name on your BVN must be corresponded to your name on your NYSC documents.

BVN palava, Many Batch A Corp members have this issue and have been greatly stranded causing them to borrow money from people to make newspaper publication of name, court affidavit, and valid ID card that carries the correct name.

NB: Court affidavit should not be more than 200 naira to 500 naira, In some states they can charge you for 2000 naira or more even National ID card if necessary.

Please take note and maintain the same name all through your service period to avoid super story.

Start checking through your files if there is need for you to correct any bank issue before getting to service because it not always funny when you get trapped maybe you can make it a privilege to store up your cash.

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Another possible way out is to use your first allawee if you’ll be given in Camp by cash to run it before others allowances are paid into account.

Possible Solution to BVN Issues:

  1. You must have a BVN is compulsory. (Visit your bank to get yours if you are yet to get before)
  2. You can dial *5650# on the sim card associate with your bank account to retrieve it if you have forgotten yours. (Service charge is #20)
  3. Make sure you save your BVN where you will easily access it for future or emergence purpose.
  4. Also make sure that name on your BVN must tally with your name on your NYSC documents as earlier stated.
  5. You can update your name on your BVN if is not tally with the one on your NYSC documents. (You will need court affidavit for it)
  6. You can go to bank to request for your BVN information if you are not sure of the name on it.
  1. What if I am using just two names on my bvn but my credentials are carrying three names will that be an issue?

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    Important Information To Prospective Corps Members About BVN – NaijaWhisper

  3. What about we married once.My BVN and NIN correspond but while registering my name changed after submitting my marriage certificate details.Hope it won’t be a big deal

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