Nigerian musician Rema has disclosed he is always with his music studio anywhere he goes. He stated that he has a mobile studio in his car booth, and whenever he’s not using his personal car, he has his recording equipment in his backpack.

Rema, real name Divine Ikubor, made this revelation during a chat on Apple Music’s Africa Now Radio. He narrated how he spends his time, saying; “I am just a guy that is always stuck in the studio. I don’t really have much to do if I am not out there performing. If I am not out performing or with family, I would be in the studio.


“I have studio equipment in my car boot everywhere I go. I (always) drive with a studio. If I am travelling, I would have a speaker, laptop and microphone in my bag. Sometimes, I could be out and might not get home. I could also feel like staying at my friend’s place, or just go to the studio, hotel or wherever I find myself. I always have my equipment in my car.”

“I am really grateful that these artistes blessed me with their vocals, and they actually all enjoyed being on my record. I would not do anything that is forced. They actually did enjoy the record. They actually kept playing it for their friends. We are all excited about the record and that’s how it is supposed to be.”

Rema said further that it is very easy for him to sing and believes that his sound is fated to go far and wide. “I feel like my sound is destined to unlock territories. I have been blessed with the gift of sound, and it is very easy for me (to do). When I walk into the studio, I am pretty sure I would leave with a banger (hit). That is why the first word I say before I ‘attack’ a beat is ‘another banger’. I don’t even care however the song goes, I just say it and go for it.

“I did not beg to be here. I feel like I’m supposed to be here and I am meant to cause the shift of sound and to evolve the afrobeat movement in a way. I am just playing my role; I’m not overthinking it. I am just going with the flow and everything is happening organically. I am grateful for that.”

The Jonzing World signee premiered his debut studio, ‘Rave and Roses’ album on Friday, March 25, 2022

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