How To Write Good NYSC CDS Bimonthly Report

How To Write Good NYSC CDS Bimonthly Report: Community Development Service (CDS) is one of the four (4) Cardinal Programmes of NYSC in which corps members contribute positively to the development of their host communities throughout the period of national service. The NYSC community development programme is a year-round affair.

Through the CDS, members of the Service Corps work with the local communities to promote self-reliance by systematically prospecting and executing development projects and programme which impact positively on the socio-economic development of the host communities. CDS allows Corps members to contribute positively in the development of their host communities.

To participate in a personal CDS, it must be approved by the state coordinator. Approval is subject to application from the corp member. Previously, we have discussed how to write a CDS project proposal with samples and what to do when approved. Corps members who are currently working on a personal CDS project, are expected to submit not less than three(3) Progress Report bimonthly.

This Report covers what the project is all about and should as well be in line with the NYSC CDS Department.

How To Write NYSC CDS Report{How To Write Good NYSC CDS Bimonthly Report}

1. Title Page: The front page should contain title of the project, personal data such as name and NYSC state code, the state you are doing the project and date.

2. Application For A Personal CDS Project: Following the first front page, is the page which contains your NYSC CDS Proposal Project Letter.

3. Approval For A Personal CDS Project

4. Feasibility studies: However, you are expected to draft out the conclusion from your feasibility study on the project you’re working on.

How To Write Good NYSC CDS Bimonthly Report
How To Write Good NYSC CDS Bimonthly Report

5. Acknowledgements/appreciation: Write Acknowledgment/Appreciation.

6. Table Of Content: Next is the Table of Content. Please note that all pages before the Table of Content should be numbered on Roman numerals (“ii, iii, iv”). While from Chapter One should be numbered (1,2,3,4…).

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7. After the Table of Content is the Table of Figure: This shows all figures (images) used in the project. Ensure you use pictures from the project exercise. Also, it should be present in the color form. However, use A4 format with letter spacing of 1.5. Meanwhile, each image figure should be properly named.

8. Chapter: The main work is cited in each Chapter. Meanwhile, each chapter should entail the following:

– Title

– Aim

– Sponsorship

– Partnership

– Approval

– Achievement/Result

9. Conclusion/Recommendation: The last Chapter should entail your Conclusion/Recommendation. Well, during your finding and project exercise, if there are any Limitations faced, you are expected to state it out in this chapter.

10. Appendixes: Breakdown of expense incurred during the project expenditure. Your appendixes should be written at the end of the Report.

How To Write Good NYSC CDS Bimonthly Report

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