Medical report for redeployment: many PCM found it discouraging when they see where they are been posted for their service year after printing their call-up letter even some PCM refuses to report to camp whenever they are been posted far and wait for the following batch to revalidate.

I don’t blame them because most PCM have this fear of traveling to some certain part of the country due to some reasons.

Although there are some ways you can redeploy from the state of deployment to another state.

In this article, I will show you how to use medical report for redeployment if you are planning to redeploy from one state to another.

What is NYSC redeployment/relocation.

Redeployment/relocation should not be confused because both of them are of the same meaning when it comes to the NYSC issue.

Redeployment is the process whereby a corps member changes his or her initial start of deployment to another state of his or her choice.

For instance, corps member posted to serve in Gombe State and later use one of the redeployment grounds to change is to Oyo state to continue his or her service.

Ground for relocation:

NYSC recognizes three grounds for relocation

1. Marital Ground

2. Insecurity Ground

3. Health Ground

The third group will be what will be discussing now.

How to Use Medical Report for redeployment

Medical Report For Redeployment
Medical Report For Redeployment

Health ground is one of the relocation grounds for any Corps member that want to redeploy.

How does the health group work or how to use medical report for redeployment?

Before you can use medical report for redeployment you have to follow the below steps:

1. Obtain valid and legit medical report from government or military hospitals.

Your medical report must come from the state you want to redeploy back to and inside the report it’s will state the health condition and why you want to redeploy.

2. Get redeployment form when you get to camp.

NYSC Relocation form
Sample of nyc relocation form

Every NYSC camps share redeployment form for corps members that wanted to relocate.

Although sharing of redeployment form is different in each camp. Some camps start their sharing the form three days after resumption while some camps share a week after camp resumption.

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If you know you want to redeploy always stay closer with your platoon officer and platoon leader to know when sharing of redeployment form commences.

3. Fill the relocation form appropriately, inside it you will be required to fill in your bio-data, the reason why you want to relocate, and the state you want to relocate back to.

4. You will have to write an application letter for redeployment.

nysc application letter
Application letter for relocation

NOTE: The letter will be in hand writing

The letter is always a formal letter that will contain your camp address and pass through your state coordinator.

Inside it, it will be stated the reason you want to relocate and the state you want to relocate back to.

5. Attach your medical report and written application letter with the redeployment form and make sure you submit it to your platoon officer.

6. Prepare for the interview, after submitting your document back to your platoon officer you will be asked to come for an interview.

Most Corps members always get scared at this point but I want to tell you with experience don’t be panic at all because everything you will be asking is simple bro the extent that you can answer while sleeping.

After doing all these aforementioned processes on how to use medical report for redeployment, you will have to wait till the last day to hear the outcome.

People that use medical report for redeployment always have their results on the last day of camping, when others are collecting their ppa letter they will not collect simply because they apply for relocation and have been granted otherwise those Corps members that apply for relocation and still receive ppa letter indicate that their redeployment didn’t work out.

Another process Corps member use for redeployment is by influencing it, NYSC management has been warming Corps members to stop paying for relocation has that can always apply for relocation in camp using any of the three groups. Paying for relocation is totally against the NYSC protocol.

I hope the above steps on how to use medical report for redeployment are well explained and understood?

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