How To Identify And Protect Yourself From Crypto Scammers 2022

How To Identify And Protect Yourself From Crypto Scammers 2022: This post is relevant to both crypto investors and Dev Team members of Crypto projects.I have played major roles in at least 5 crypto projects before Transhuman Coin. 2 of those projects became massively successful and I took a break from the team to focus on what really matters to me – a crypto project that invests in solving diseases and death.

3 of the 5 previous projects failed and I learned first hand why they failed.

The first reason why Crypto projects fail is when their founders are inexperienced, too trusting and thus vulnerable to scammers.
Crypto Scammers usually target the Dev team, gain control of the Dev wallet or big wallets then pull their game.

How To Identify And Protect Yourself From Crypto Scammers 2022

They usually come disguised as CEX listing agents or Marketing Companies/agents (for example, a certain page on Instagram who claims to be the marketing idol).

It was the so called Marketing Idol that crashed a certain PBC (full names withheld). The PBC Dev team trusted the so called marketing idol and paid him with millions of their coin in exchange for the scammer to market their coin. The scammer pumped the price for 2 days and sold off the PBC they paid him.

This was against their initial plan. Yes, the price crashed and PBC went on a revenge journey hosting over 70 websites to bring the scammer down. But that was already a futile attempt. PBC had already lost the confidence of their community. Let me say this to Dev team members of every crypto project – your credibility is your biggest asset.

So a successful crypto project must have intelligent Cybersecurity experts who can look through behavioral patterns of cyber criminals to protect the project from criminals.

This is why Transhuman Coin is the most secured crypto project. Our Dev term is made up of experienced cybersecurity experts from both Russia and Nigeria. It is important to say that most cyber crimes in the Crypto space are MOSTLY perpetrated by either Russian or East European cybercrimals or by Nigerian scammers.

So having a Cybersecurity Response team from both regions helps protect the project since it will be easier for me as a Nigerian cybersecurity expert to know when a Nigerian cybercrimal is pretending to be something or someone they are not through experience. This also applies to our cybersecurity experts from Russia. They can tell when a so called listing agent is lying.

How To Identify And Protect Yourself From Crypto Scammers 2022

The security of Transhuman Coin is massive and incorporates technology, psychology and social engineering. Yet, like every organization in the world, the major vulnerability are usually the users. This is why we invest a lot of time in educating our community on best cybersecurity practices in the cryptospace. We can’t say the same about other projects.

So if you are part of the Dev team of any project, be INTENTIONAL. You are a major target.

If you are a whale in any project, be INTENTIONAL. You are a target.

Do not click on links without checking if they are malicious. Virus total website is a good tool.

Do not pay marketing agents or listing agents for any crypto service they are yet to deliver. Always insist on 20% upfront. It is less painful to lose 20% than to lose 100%.

Insist on KYC before you accept any deal in the Crypto space.

Telegram is a hiding place for most crypto scammers. Ask them for their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and whatsapp accounts and insist that they contact you outside telegram. Insist on a video call and take a screenshot from video chat.

Do not accept help from total strangers. Get help from group Admins even if they take forever to respond. Be patient.
Do not make quick changes to your crypto project. You may crash with the change. Remember that your investors were attracted to the first ideas you projected. Stick to it. Consistency is a virtue. Your innovation should rotate around the original idea and not outside it.

I will write more on this but in the meantime, arm yourself because Crypto is going to be HUGE in 2022 and you need to jump into the market with the right knowledge.

Enjoy your Christmas as I read this great book on #Cryptocurrency.

How To Identify And Protect Yourself From Crypto Scammers 2022
How To Identify And Protect Yourself From Crypto Scammers 2022

My name is Charles Awuzie, and I am a Certified Pentester, social engineering expert and ethical hacker. I am also playing a leadership role in #TranshumanCoin.

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How To Identify And Protect Yourself From Crypto Scammers 2022

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