Getting deployed to a state of your choice in national youth service corps (NYSC) is a good thing to celebrate. The orientation camp may be the reason you prefer that state. If that is it, your next worry is your place of primary assignment (PPA).

It is given to CM on passing out day in camp. There is a department that assign corps members (CM) to various PPA.

They consider so many factors before posting CM there. However, you can indirectly influence your posting to a good place. You can indirectly make your choice or they can do the choosing for you.

Place of Primary Assignment (PPA) is the organization corps members are assigned to render their service throughout the one-year duration of the scheme. The NYSC year is the time to prepare yourself for what lies ahead of you in life and it starts with getting a good PPA.

Some corps members may be lucky to get retained after their service year while others may not but the most important thing is to ensure that the one-year service experience is worthwhile for you.

Everyone loves to be posted to ministries, oil firms and the likes but it is better you snap out of that fantasy because only a few people get these juicy positions. However, there are other enticing PPAs that you may be lucky to get if you follow the following steps:

Join the Quarter Guard
The quarter guard is a small detachment of corps members that are used as a ceremonial guard mounted at the entrance of the camp unit to welcome important guests.

You need to be in camp early to join this group because they start training on the first day of camp. Their first assignment is welcoming dignitaries on the swearing-in day. Joining this group assures you of a good posting.

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Join the OBS Crew
The Orientation Broadcasting Service (OBS) is in charge of broadcasting news within the camp and also responsible for coordinating camp social activities. Because of the high demand among corps members to join the OBS crew, some camps usually hold auditioning or interview before someone can become a member.

These are also for the early birds.

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Join a religious association
The orientation camp is the avenue to live your passion if you are the religious type. You should try and join one of the NYSC recognized religious groups and strive to be an active member that everyone will know and recognize.

The recognized religious organizations in camp are:

  • National Christian Corper’s Fellowship (NCCF)
  • National Association of Catholic Corpers (NACC)
  • Muslim Corpers Association of Nigeria (MCAN)
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If you are active in any of the above groups and talk to the right people, there is a great chance of you getting a good PPA. Not to forget that if you make the cut as a state executive, it is automatic posting to the state capital.

Join the Camp Clinic
This group of corpers are mostly those that studied medical-related courses. They usually assist the trained and certified doctors in the camp.

Most times, they are in charge of interviewing the corps members that applied for relocation in camp. Joining the camp clinic affords you a great opportunity of getting a good PPA. 

NYSC Orientation Camp in Yipata Kwara

Join the Band Group
The NYSC band is a good fit for those skilled at playing musical instruments. During the camp parades and swearing-in, the camp band provides live entertainment for the marching corps members.

When posted to main towns and cities, they perform at Independence Day parades and other special celebrations in the state.

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Become a Platoon leader
Platoon leaders are mostly elected or nominated by platoon members to lead and coordinate activities for them. The platoon officers recommend them for good postings if pleased with their level of performance.

Being a platoon leader is not a sure ticket to getting a good PPA as you need to work very hard and be active while handling your office. You can’t do these if you don’t carry your platoon members along.

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You can also join the following:

Join the kitchen volunteers
Join Red Cross
Work in registration hall
Win Mr. Mancho
Win Mrs. NYSC

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