The heading portion of your resume is arguably the most important part of your resume. This section gives the employer your name and provides them with multiple ways of contacting you.

It is important to have this information at the top of your resume and emphasized so it’s impossible to miss.

Your Name

Don’t get too fancy here. First and last name will suffice. Unless your name is extremely common (as in John Smith common), there is no need for a middle initial in the name section.

Contact Information

In the heading section of your resume, you will want to provide the two best ways to reach you for purposes of a follow-up or to offer employment. Most people provide both a phone number and an e-mail address.

With your phone number, remember to provide an area code as well. Also, make sure the phone number you provide is able to be answered at all times. I’ve seen candidates skipped over for positions if their phone went to voicemail.

When it comes to the e-mail address on your resume, I find it best to create an e-mail specifically for your job search. You can use many of the free e-mail services, but pick a tasteful name. Something using the combination of your initials and first and last name is easy to use.

Using a separate e-mail address can also make it more difficult to find you on social media, which may be an added benefit depending on your profiles.

Location, Location, Location

The heading of your resume will also include your location. I still often see people list out their entire address on their resume, which I feel is unnecessary. For the purposes of a resume I feel it is best to list the city and state you are in.

The reason any employer would want to know your location is as an indicator of whether or not you will show up to work everyday. Listing the city and state fits this need for the employer. You will have an opportunity to list your personal address later on if you move on in the application process.

Your heading section will be the first impression the employer will get from you. Make sure that your name and contact information stand out so they will have the two most important pieces of information on your resume: who you are and how to get in contact with you!

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Source by Joshua Matthew Carney Brown

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