The truth is that if you really want to make money online, there’s only one way, although that way has many variants. And that way is by selling. If you want to make money online, you must offer something for sale. If you don’t have anything to sell, you can’t make a penny online, even if you’re the most popular blogger.

Now let’s look at those killing it on the internet. How do they make their money? The answer is; By selling.

What may be different is what they sell and how they sell it. The number one website in the world is Google. It records over 2billion searches daily and makes million of dollars every single day. How? By selling

What does Google sell? hmmm that’s the big question… Google sells Adverts space…

Also, go and watch a YouTube video and see the adverts on the right side of the screen (sometimes, they even play video adverts for you before you can watch your desired video). So they all make money online by selling.

There’s Jon Morrow, the great blogger who has a terrible diseases since he was one year old and cannot move anything from his neck downward. He makes over $500,000 per annum. How by selling…

What does he sell? He has an online guest blogging course that students pay a handsome fee to enrol in. He also has affiliate products he refers his readers to and each time one of them makes a purchase, he gets a fat commission.

Two of the biggest boys on the internet in Nigeria are Jumia and Konga. How do they make money? You should know this for sure, by selling. What do they sell? Clothes, books, tech gadgets, mobile devices etc.

Look at Wakanow, the leading air ticketing company in Nigeria… it makes tons of millions of Naira every month by selling air ticketing online and offline.

If it merely opened a blog without offering anything to sell, it wouldn’t make a dime. Look at Linda Ikeji, the Nigerian Queen of blogging… she makes millions of Naira every month. How? By selling..!!!

What does she sell? Advert space. Big companies from banks, telecom service providers to online stores and entertainment firms per her handsome cash to get their ads unto her blog.

Another example is Bamidele Onibalusi, the young Nigeria blogger who started earning over N700,000 monthly before he was 18years. How? By selling..!! what did he sell? Freelance writing service.

He had many high-paying international clients who he wrote over 50 articles for every month. If he didn’t sell, he wouldn’t have made a penny online… for more Tips on how to make money online go to http://geezydnetpreneur.com

Source by Gideon Dare Osaloto

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