How Can A Wife Abandon Her Marriage & Children -My Divorce Story

Benjamin is my name and I’m happy for the opportunity to share my divorce story. Shout out to the writers of this blog.

Mine was the case of an unrepentant cheat. I met shade after university; we attended several post graduate trainings together. It seemed I would always bump into her at every training I signed up for.  I didn’t get to see her again till almost two years later. I had gotten a good job while she was still job hunting. She actually came to submit her resume in my company. Even though she had no job, she looked good. I was taken by her smooth skin and lovely eyes. I asked her out on a date and she readily agreed.

After about three dates, I told her I wanted to be her man. I guess I knew she probably had other men who were interested in her but I wanted her exclusively. Shade agreed and I was so happy, I never knew what lurked ahead. I thought I was lucky but I guess her beauty blinded me to seeing her true colours. We continued our relationship for another year before I proposed.  She still had not secured a job so I spoke to a family friend who offered her a place in his company. It was not such a big job but it kept her busy.

We got married in a colourful ceremony. She conceived that same month and we had twins. That was the happiest period of my marriage. I asked her to stop work and care for the twins which she did because caring for twins is not easy for a working woman. Work got busy for me and I honestly cannot tell when the cheating started.

At a time I had to leave home for some months due to a new office we were opening in another state. I just realized that she didn’t complain when I didn’t sleep with her when I returned as she usually would. Then she began to hide her phone from me, sneak out to receive calls etc.

So one day I made her hand over her phone forcefully. I saw enough evidence to nail her. Apparently she had known this fellow all the time we courted but she chose me because I was financially stable. She begged me and promised she had ended the relationship. I forgave her because I loved her and also for the sake of our young twins.

What eventually ended our marriage was when I got back from my usual trips and found that my wife had left the house. The twins were left with my mother. I kept asking what happened until my mother said it seemed my wife was pregnant. Then I went looking for her and truly she was, from all indications it wasn’t mine. She cried and begged me but I just walked away.

That was the end of the marriage. I’m raising my twins with the help of my mother. As for shade, she moved in with her boyfriend and last I heard they have two children. She has never come looking for her twins. Thank you.

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  • What do you think happened to Shade?
  • What should Benjamin do after now?
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