HI guys,

My friend who is a US citizen, single, no kids, no wife, and has been working in the US for close to 10 years. Things have gone well and he was planning to settle down this August. So he came to Nigeria about one and half years ago to do introduction and engage his high school sweetheart. Note, this is also when they officially / seriously started dating . All has been well, and the both of them, their families were preparing for the wedding in August. However, last week he just discovered that his fiancee recently went to visit her ex boyfriend. When he confronted her, she said she went because she was bored, and she refused afterwards to change her phone number (he wanted to stop them communicating), saying she didn’t sleep with her ex, and she only went for a hangout in his house.

My friend has cancelled the wedding as we speak, and everybody is begging him to re-consider. Between, the lady’s age is within the range of 33 to 36. And my guy is between 37 to 40. He is confused as we speak, because he is taking a hard line on the issue, he doesn’t want to start his marriage life on a wrong foundation. At the same time, he is feeling hurt because of her unseriousness.

What should he do?

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