Here are some useful frequently asked questions (FAQ) about PPA bellow:


What is NYSC PPA?

NYSC Place of Primary Assignment (PPA) is a place where you perform the duty of serving your father land. You need a place to work and show contribution during your service year. And that is why the authority of your PPA will have to rate you when you are done with them.

Why Would A PPA Reject Me?

A place of primary Assignment can reject you based of different reasons. However, the common ones are Lack of accommodation, lack of space, too many corp members, lack of facilities, No enough money to pay and so on.

What is the benefit of getting rejected?

It’s true; it may sound negative, but has lots of benefits. If you are rejected from one PPA, you will have the opportunity of looking out for a more conducive PPA by yourself. And perhaps, one with a higher pay. Rejecting you gives you an open cheque to find a place of your choice.

Can I change PPA after am already accepted and started working?

Yes, you surely can. Just that it’s not always as easy as when you have not been accepted at all. For you to be changed in this situation, you must be able to present a really genuine and important reason and excuse to Nysc.

Can I be rejected after I am accepted at a PPA?

Yes you can be rejected. I have seen a principal rejected about 7 Corp Members for asking for their right just 4 months to the end of service year. Your boss will write NYSC by himself. It’s not your concern. This happens only in rare cases

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Can I change to a new Local government entirely?

Yes you can but it can be very stressful. You have to report at your present local Government, after they have given you permission, then you will open a file at the new Local Government. It’s easier said than done.

Do I have any Right at my PPA?

Yes off course you do have a right. Your posting letter from camp stated that you are to be addressed as a staff. So you have all the right of a staff in any where your are posted as your PPA.

What of if my PPA refuse to reject me after staying with them for some time?

Write a “change of PPA request letter” to NYSC. If they still don’t do anything about it, remain persistent in writing and complaining to them. Before you had written 4 letters, they will change your PPA. Persistence is the key.

If am rejected, but i don’t want Nysc to give me a PPA, what do i do?

In that case, after getting your rejection letter, go and look for a good place by yourself. Negotiate terms with them and collect an acceptance letter and take it to your Local Government. They will then continue from there.

If am Maltreated at my PPA, what can I do?
You can do two things. You can either stand and fight for yourself or report the case to you LI or LGI. If it’s critical, you can call the state Cordinator into it. But it’s advisable to go through your LI and the situation will be fixed immediately.

Can I change my PPA to another state entirely?

No, you can not, seek redeployment instead

Can I continue working at my PPA after NYSC service?

Yes off course. Some places can retain you and make you their staff if you impressed them enough.
You can write an application letter to your PPA when you are through. You can even discuss it with your boss while serving.

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