First Day Experience At NYSC Orientation Camp is an article that will make you slap me if I never let you see it before you go to NYSC Orientation Camp. In other words, if you see this article after orientation camp, you might not forgive me because it’s extremely loaded with benefits for you.

After receiving your call-up letter, you are expected to report to the orientation camp of the state you are posted to on the date specified on the letter. You will reside there for a period of 3 weeks. It could either be THE BEST 3 WEEKS OF YOUR LIFE or THE WORST 3 WEEKS OF YOUR LIFE. The choice is totally yours.

Most people say that it is advisable to get to camp on the second day and third day so as to avoid the hustle. From my experience, arriving early actually paid off for me. It wasn’t like I arrived by 6 am but at least I got to camp by noon.

Now, this advice varies from camp to camp. Those camps that are always filled up like Lagos, Ogun, Abuja, Oyo etc. are always crazy on the first day. My camp was smooth and easy-going, maybe because I was just lucky.

Let’s start the process together


I was surprised to know that some people arrived at camp the day before so as to get good accommodation and maybe some to bypass the hustle. At my camp, I can say it didn’t pay from my perspective.

When you enter the NYSC Orientation camp, just start embracing strength and endurance for 3 weeks. You would be directed to the Police post where your luggage would be checked so as to ensure everyone complies with expectations of what not to bring to camp. You would write your name and be given a number that is very important during the registration period, so do not misplace it. I almost did. God saved me. Luckily for me, the soldier that I met to search mine didn’t even do that so I didn’t waste time. Always have your documents handy and ready at any stand or post for registration. Also always have a biro and your passport ready to avoid insult and embarrassment from officials.



This was kind of easy at my camp then. I got in line with other Male Corpers. Mine took place near the male hostel. I wrote my name after showing them my temporary number that was issued to me at the police post. Then I was directed to a room to pick up a mattress. You shouldn’t expect comfort o. The bed was so flat that I just adjusted my mind to take whatever was given.

Then from the collection of mattresses, you will be directed to your rooms for the 3 weeks. The mattress that would be given is nothing to write about. I’m sure they are up to 20 years old. They are just an inch thick.

This is very important and this is where you have to be smart to get a good one. I was with my friends and we wanted to stay together but the officials there were forming work. Alas, we got to stay near each other. If you know you can’t tolerate people and their behaviors, it is advisable you take the upper bunk. Top bunkers have to either keep their stuff on their bed, on the side of the bed, or ask if their bunk mate to share their space under the bed. But if you want the comfort of the down bunk no problem. An advantage of the down bunk is that you could store your stuff (suitcase, buckets, etc.)

Be smart about it. Most people always fight for that space though. I chose the bottom bunk because I didn’t want to worry about hopping on and off. This process can vary from camp to camp and also depending on when you arrive at camp. Also, most of the bunks there are spoilt so just get ready to accept anything. You have no choice.


Always ask questions to avoid mistakes and insults o. Ensure your files and documents are with you at every point in time. Firstly, check for where your school number is then when you hear that number you go there and do some clarification, this can be called Issuance of Counterfoil. Or it could be different. Well, I can’t really recall every step but I know that the queue wasn’t that long.

It took me 2 hours to finish up. Your call-up letter would be clarified for originality and thumb print verification at the computer center in camp. This article is written by and scooped from 09060946257. At the computer center is where you would be given your permanent state code number for the whole service year. Ensure you fill whatever form that would be issued to you correctly. Avoid mistakes.


This is the last phase. It’s where you collect your NYSC issued kits to you. This can be very annoying in the sense that you can hardly be given your size. I was given a big shoe and extra-large outfits. Those that get early enough had collected the reasonable sizes; I guess that is an advantage of coming early. However everyone did the swapping game.

The kits that would be given to you at first are the pair of tennis shoes and a pair of jungle boots. You could then look for someone to exchange with – for example, if your shoes are too big, you might be able to find someone with big feet who was given a smaller size and then swap.

If you are lucky (and that’s extremely lucky), you might just find your exact size.

You would then have to locate your platoon stand. Your Platoon number is the last digit of your state code. For instance, if your given state code number is 0503, then you are in a platoon 3. Every corper is attached to a platoon and most of your activities including morning drills, competitions would be conducted according to platoons.

The platoon is like your nuclear family for the 3 weeks. Here you would fill some forms, they will be given a pair of the NYSC khaki Trouser and jacket + belts, 2 white t-shirts, 2 white shorts and 2pairs of socks and NYSC crested vest. You would be given some small booklets like Camp Schedule, the NYSC anthem, rules, and regulations, etc.

I hope this is helpful and now you know what to prepare for. Please make sure you share this. A share from you will help circulate it. Thanks for sharing.

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