Disadvantages of Hiring a Freelancer


As per the latest market trend, the Freelancers have merged into the development field to core. These freelancers refer to the developers working offshore on individual basis. These freelancers work from their homes, which is the main reason where cost-cutting takes place. Any person or company hiring a freelancer is in benefit as they charge low as compared to the other full-time working developers. But, the question and the fact here that lies are, whether these freelancers are safe for your business? Isn’t your investment in danger by hiring any freelancer?

There are many disadvantages & de-motivating factors involved in hiring the freelancers. These can be seen as below:

o First and foremost, the freelancers work offshore, which is the main reason so as not to select them. There is no guarantee that any freelancer might not disappear with the payment made by you. Also, there are no contracts signed with these freelancers as they do not work for any company, but individually. With this process, it becomes very difficult to track them & also, nobody can question them anything if they do not work up-to the mark for the projects.

o Secondly, though these freelancers charge less as compared to the normal developers like the PHP dedicated developers working in a company or outsourced from any company, the main aspect that comes in the scenario is the quality. It is a fact that good quality always comes with a good price. Same is the situation here with the freelancers. Also the reason for the low quality work delivered by the freelancers is that nobody is present to monitor them. You pay, they work for your project for a time-being, deliver you the work done & that is it. There is nothing else that you can get done from them.

o Hiring freelancers is also not advisable, as while working for you, they might also work for your competitors. This might affect your business adversely & also you might start facing losses resultingly. Freelancers never work with one single person, as all that matters them is money and nothing else. This is a very true fact because of which it better to hire either a PHP dedicated developer, also than an in-house PHP dedicated developer.

o Freelancers may prove dangerous for your business when it comes to security of your company secrets which can be known by them. It is quite normal that a person working for your projects knows about your business tricks & all your company secrets. It is quite tentative that the freelancer working for you might sell-off these secrets to your competitor, with which your business might get affected badly tendering you huge losses.

o Even if your freelancer does not finish your project on time specified by you, it will not make any difference to him, as freelancers charge upfront payment. There is even a possibility that they might not even work anything for you, take the payment & just vanish out of the scene!

The case of the freelancers is very risky when it comes to the investment to be made by you. It is not always that the money matters, but also security of the money invested by you & also the quality of work delivered for the money paid by you matters. It is as same as hiring a PHP dedicated developer is more beneficial than hiring a freelancer.


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