Convert Websites HTML to PHP in 40 Minutes for Web Designers : What you will learn

Install and Setup XAMPP (web server)

Convert Single Page .html Website into .php

Convert Multi Page .html Website into .php

Setup Automatically Changeable Year with PHP

Display IP Address of User

Create Standard PHP Template

Create Reusable PHP Files

Dynamically Highlight Menu on Active Page

Practically Use Basic PHP


So you want to learn how to convert your HTML website into PHP but you’re not quite sure how. No matter if you’ve never tried PHP for any reason, this course is for you.

Without wasting your time, I will teach you in 40 minutes to convert single page website and/or multiple pages website into PHP website and update your pages quickly instead of manually doing changes in all pages.

If you’ve been making HTML websites and want to take benefits of PHP, then you will learn essential techniques by practically doing it with practical projects.

Convert Websites HTML to PHP in 40 Minutes for Web Designers
Convert Websites HTML to PHP in 40 Minutes for Web Designers

The course will cover:

  • Install and Setup XAMPP (web server)
  • Convert Single Page .html into .php 
  • Convert Multi Pages .html into .php 
  • Setup Automatically Changeable Year with PHP 
  • Display IP Address of User 
  • Create Standard PHP Template 
  • Create Reusable PHP Files 
  • Dynamically Highlight Menu on Active Page 
  • Practically Use Basic PHP
  • Send Email with Contact Form using PHP

Just watch me doing it and practically follow up, I will also explain throughout the steps, so you can repeat it all yourself and practice it in my given theme files and in your own .html websites.

UPDATE: Aug 9, 2018 Added a new section on sending email with contact form of single page website and multiple page website using PHP.


Preparation and Setup
Introduction, Preview and Benefit of Course
Why Should You Use .php instead of .html?
PHP Local Web Server Setup and Explanation

Single Page Static Website
Setup One Page Website (Lesson Added: July 2018)
Change Page from HTML to PHP
Automatic Changeable Year
PHP Page Delivery to the Browser
Display IP Address of Visitor

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Multiple Pages Static Website
Setup Multi Page Website (Lesson Added: July 2018)
PHP Template and Include Files
PHP Files Preparation with Contents Pages
Links Correction
Dynamically Highlight Navigation
Suggestions and Comments

Contact Form and Email with PHP (Section Added: August 2018)
Send Email with Contact Form using Single Page Technique
Send Email with Contact Form using Dedicated Contact Page
Practical Improvement in Email Script
Final Action

Download Source Files
How to Get Your Certificate (Added: July 23, 2019)
Bonus Lecture: Beginner Full Stack PHP Web Development in 10 Days

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