Camp OT: Parades and Camp Drilling Escape Routes


Unless you want make I lie give you, parades rehearsals(if one person misses his/her step, y’all will start again), drillings and standing under very intense hot sun is killing, especially the day wey dem go swear for una and close camp.

My OT will give you proven escape routes to all camp stresses.

1. Within the first 3 days of camp opening, even when you are done with registration, do not wear white on white.

It’s the normal tradition that immediately you finish camp registration and kits has been given to you, you change, immediately you wear white on white, you are subject to camp routines, u can’t escape Parades, soldiers will force you to do everything, so this is the scope, anyone who is still on Normal clothes won’t be forced, they assume you are still registering.

So, once it’s time for parade, wear normal clothes, walk to the registration stand, hold some of your documents, find better place sit down and chillax.

Keep repeating this every time camp activities comes up throughout the days of camp registration.

2. Form sick and goto the clinic or just faint on the Parade ground, standby ambulance will take you to the clinic. When you get there, since your illness isn’t real, just beg the corper doctors to help you with camp clinic exemption letter from camp activities. Once you get the letter, you automatically belongs to the “Platoon 11” throughout morning and afternoon parades, you will be sitted under a cool breeze tree and watch others “serve their fatherland in the sun” lol

2. Join the red Cross.

3. Join Man O War

4. Be hostel governor or platoon leader

5. Join Drum Band

6. Join OBS. Before you register for NYSC, first of all, locate OBS studio and register, dey are the camp VIPs, the camp radio station. Too many people rush this group, so on the 1st day of camp it’s filled already.

Little I can say for now, but you will thank me specially at the end of camp if you join OBS.

Camp officials and soldiers respects OBS members, dey can’t do you gra gra, na u go do dem dem gra gra 😂

So for the lucky people that will get to camp early, even before you register in camp at all, first of all, go an join OBS, no say Excellency no tell you oooo, before OBS people special camp treatment be like oppression to you.

7. Just faint.

Yes, people form it, you have to time yourself, be moody when you want to slum, it should be in the afternoon under hot sun.

This trick is the maddest, works every time 🤣🤣🤣

You go see enough fainting on your swearing in ceremony Day….

More OT will come up soon.

Nigeria Ours, Nigeria we serve.

Corpers wee!

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