5 Things You Need To Know As Blogging For Beginners

Blogging For Beginners
Blogging For Beginners
Blogging For Beginners 1
Blogging For Beginners

Blogging for beginners, Recently, there has been some controversy on the word blogging as many people don’t really know what it’s all about. Some people are interested in it just because they saw that others are doing it and they are making money from it but the question is, what exactly is blogging about? In this write up, we will be explaining what blogging is all about for beginners.

What is blogging?

We can’t actually define the word blogging without knowing what a blog is on its own. A blog is an internet webpage that is created with the purpose of sharing opinions by the users in form of text, pictures, videos and so on. Users reflect their minds, share their opinions, and also discuss various topics in line with their niches in the form of an online diary (but this dairy is open for outsiders to read) while readers may also comment their perspective on the posts.

With this, we can know what blogging is all about. Blogging is the act of owning an online designed journal page with the purpose of passing information that we know will be useful for people while we also expect their feedbacks.

However, blogging as been taken to the next level recently as it’s also used by many businesses in the advertisement of their products. They post information of what their business is all about, the advantages of patronizing them or buying their products, a way of buying their product and means of payment.

Anyways, this hasn’t degreased or changed the fact that every blog site must contain a content and this is one of the difference between a blogsite and a website. A blog site need constant updating and discussions while a website is just a one time designed internet page for just a particular purpose.

Basic terms used in blogging for beginners.

In every area of life, there will always be some kind of abbreviation or terms that are just for some particular set of people to understand and in the world of bloggers, the following are the common terms used that should be known by all beginners.

 1. Blogger a blogger is someone who owns and manage a blog site. 

 2. Domain – a domain name is the address of your blog site that need to be bought. Let’s liken a domain name to the name of our businesses that needs to be registered under some association or companies for smooth operation, that’s just what your domain is. You can have any name of your choice in as much is not taken already anyone. We have series of domain name format such as .com, .com.ng for Nigerian, .org, and so many other but they aren’t free.

 3. Hosting– hosting is a leasing plan that accommodates our domain name. Let’s say you have a business, you have a name already, your goods are ready then the next thing of your list should be an office where you will build your brand and start selling, that’s hosting for you.
Just like the name implies, they host your domain and help you maintain all your data which includes your posts, your pictures or videos, your feedbacks in as much your purchased plan is intake. We have so many hosting companies online that are ready to help out with them. Examples includes namecheap, intechcloudhosting and so on.

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 4. SEO – SEO is an abbreviation with the meaning search engine optimization. It’s one of the common terms all bloggers knows or should know about. SEO is the process of improving your site abilities and value so as to increase its visibility and appearance when people search for products, contents materials or services related to your business or niche on Google and some other search engines.
The fact is, the more visible your pages is on the search results, the more visitors you receive on your site and if you’re selling any products, you don’t know your visitors may be.

 5. Niche – niche is a particular area of specialization selected by a blogger as his or her best content stream. Niches may includes relationship, health, technology, finance, Lifestyle, sports and many more. 
Anyways before deciding what niche to go for, it’s important to know you have almost necessary knowledge to function well in the niche. It’s not advisable for beginners to run multiple niches, it leads for frustration. Pick a niche that you know you can create content on very well.

What blogging is and what it’s not

If you are just starting your blogging journey you need to know the following tips, this will guide you as blogging for beginners

 1. Blogging isn’t a fast money making activity.
As a matter of fact, I will advice you shouldn’t take blogging as a professional until you know you have built your ground to some extent. It’s true, there a many ways on making money in blogging but they all comes with value. You will have to create valuable contents to attract people to your site consistently and this may take so long than you expected.

 2. Blogging isn’t for lazy people
There are two ways to blogging, it’s either you are ready to work it out or you hire people who can help you with that because I will say, blogging isn’t for lazy people. For you to be a successful blogger, it requires constant efforts. As a beginner you must aim at posting at least 2 valuable content per day and this may go on for the first 3 months.

 3. Blogging isn’t expensive
There are so many misconception about blogging which include how people say it’s expensive to own a blog, no it’s not. You can start your blog with a capital as low as $20 for a beginner though ,you will see reasons to increase the capital as you venture fully into it but for the start, you can keep your blog going with just $20.
There are so many successful bloggers out there and so many are still emerging. You can also join them and this post can be your first guide. In subsequent write ups, we will be discussing on how to have your own blog site and the necessary step to take that will guarantee success.

4. Blogging is not a get money quick task
As blogging for beginners, you need to know that blogging involved sometimes before before you can start making money with it. Some bloggers ( blogging for beginners ) that is not even up to a month will be complaining of not making money with it. Don’t rush to monetary aspect of blogging to fast as is going to be an everlasting money making task for you.

5. Blogging needs valuable content
Blogging for beginners need to understand that you also need to focus on writer good content for your readers to keep checking your.
Blog with quack content will always loss is reader. Get good writer if you can’t write yourself and make sure is not a cope and paste content. These are the 5 things you need to know as blogging for beginners.

The above are things you need to look out to for blogging as beginners, I hope this tips help you in one way or the other?

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