6 Sessions of gentle, restorative yoga to help you start or end the day in the best possible way….

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  • This course is designed for beginners- but it is advised that you check in with your healthcare professional before starting this or any other fitness programme


Bed Yoga for Flexibility, Relaxation & Better Sleep…

Are you looking for a gentle yoga practice to help you start, or end the day in the best possible way? 

Would you like to experience restorative yoga practices that you can do from the comfort of your very own bed?

Would you like to experience several slow, deeply relaxing yoga practices?…

If so you have come to the right place!

This course features a variety of gentle and restorative sequences to support you first thing in the morning or last thing at night. 

The aim of this style is to help the individual to relax very deeply, while gaining flexibility and experiencing a sense of mindfulness and presence in the here and now.   This course is gentle and restorative while also being very powerful.

The optional use of props and easier variations of poses has been created to make this course as accessible as possible – even for people very new to yoga.

Bed Yoga for Flexibility, Relaxation & Better Sleep is a course to guide you through a variety of nourishing yoga practices- It contains

  • 1x 1 Hour Class
  • 1x 40 min Class
  • 1x 30 min Class
  • 3x 17-20 min Classes

You can find your perfect Bed Yoga practice no matter how much time you have available to you!

I hope that you enjoy this course very much,


     Sacha Heath

Who this course is for:

  • People wanting to sleep deeper and better
  • People wanting a gentle & relaxing yoga programme to start off the day
  • People wishing to increase their flaxibility
  • People wanting to relax & release tension from body & mind
  • People wanting a restorative, meditative yoga practice

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