Resume plays a vital role during the selection procedure for a job. For this reason, it is extremely important that you send a resume to the company which is well-written and well presented. Many job seekers are unaware on how to write a resume that makes an impression on the prospective employer just by looking at it. However, there are common mistakes that job seekers make in their resume. Hence, we have made a checklist for you to follow so that you can make sure you have an excellent quality representation of yourself, before you send your resume.

1. Grammar, spelling, and punctuation: Nothing can make as much worse impression than the grammar and spelling mistakes in your resume. You can use the grammar and spell check function of your computer. However, make sure you read the document word for word after you have printed it. Certain words can be left by the spell checker as well.

2. Capitalization: It is also important that you follow correct capitalization rules. In case you do not know these rules, you can always follow a manual such as the Gregg Reference Manual. Interviewers pay a lot of attention to these little capitalization mistakes to find out about an individual’s writing skills.

3. Punctuation: Always make sure your resume have no punctuation errors before you send them to any company. The use of commas and semi-colons are often used in a wrongly manner. You can refer to the Greg Reference Manual if you are unsure about how to correctly use punctuation.

4. Run-on sentences: Always make sure that you do not have any run-ons in your resume that are hard to read. For the reason that nobody wants to read a total crap in the name of sentences and phrases, you must remember to keep your resume clean and to the point.

5. Consistency: Before you send out your resume, make sure you are consistent with the number usage, plurals, and abbreviations. Especially for dates, make sure you use date as 9/2007 or 3/18/2007 but not both in the same document. Also, be careful to be consistent while listing software.

6. Education section: It is important that, while you are writing about your degrees, you list only the year in which you obtained that degree. If you list only your dates, many resume-scanning systems will recognize that you have only attended the college during the period and will not recognize that you have obtained the degree as well.

7. Ampersands: Your resume should not include any Ampersands (&). There are only a few exceptions that allow you to use the Ampersands. These include the well-known company name (AT&T) as well as a well known industry name (P&L).

8. Hyperlinks: Make sure all the e-mail and web addresses that are used in your resume are deactivated.

Thus, if you follow these 8 resume editing tips you can come up with a resume that will be hard to ignore and thus would get you the job of your ultimate dreams

Source by Bryan W Goldberg

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