I am constantly asked if there are short cuts that can be made in order to have a successful online business “I want to make money online fast” “How do I do it?”

My standard response to this question is that it is possible, but only if you are taught the proven ways by somebody already doing it. So, here are 7 steps to follow to get your own product created fast:

1/ Choose your market: Use Google’s adword keyword tool (just Google it) and then select “phrase” and type in keyword searches. For this example I’m going to use “make money blogging”. This brings up 18,100 global searches. This is definitely a hungry market. Try to aim for anything above 3,000. Now check the competition. Bring up Google and type in allintitle: “make money blogging”. Having done this I can see that the competition is 37,200. This is perfect. Try and aim for anything below 100,000.

2/ Buy your domain name: I recommend justhost.com. Play around a bit to find something that is relevant. You ideally want the search keywords in the title. In this case makemoneyblogging.com is taken but makemoneybloggingguru.com is available. Buy it and get them to host it as well.

3/ Find a product: Go to surefirewealth.com. It’s free to join and you will then have access to loads of products. For the purposes of this example I’m recommending that you pick out Private Label Rights products or PLR for short. Search for blogging material. You can either go with the free stuff, but be aware that it is free for a reason. It might be old and out of date and exhausted its shelf life.

My advice would be to pay a little bit for the latest PLR products. Remember you’re trying to create a proper business so aim to offer some quality that your clients are going to want more of in the future. There is plenty of blogging stuff available at around $20 each and its instantly downloadable. Buy 2 or 3 and then have a good read through it.

4/ Create your own product: This is great fun. Pick out the best bits from the material that you have, edit it and then put your own name down as the author.

5/ Design eBook cover: Go to ebooktemplatesource.com and download the free software that will allow you to design your own cover. You now have your own book.

6/ Sort your sales letter: Visit elance.com and check out the professional copywriters. You can get away with only paying around $5-$10 per hour to get someone to write up your sales letter. Alternatively try and do it yourself.

7/ Get your website sorted: Open a WordPress account at WordPress.com. Go back to justhost.com and follow the instructions for WordPress using fantastico. Upload your sales letter to your WordPress account. Done! That’s how to make money online fast.

If you want to make the above even faster and get to the end of Step 7 within 5 minutes then check out my site noted in the author resource box below to find out how!

Source by Ricky Knight

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