Yearly, new graduates are mobilized to serve the Nation in various states across Nigeria. Therefore most of them will have preferences for choice of states with one of the favourite NYSC Orientation Camps.

We at Naijawhisper, have gone ahead to highlight those favourite NYSC orientation camps across the country to interested prospective corp members who are hoping to be mobilized and deployed for NYSC service.

Below, we present with detailed discussion on�seven most favourite NYSC Orientation Camps:

1. Lagos State camp is arguably the most favourite, being the economic centre of Nigeria with a well-developed area, Lagos State has abundant opportunities for the youth and their future. For this, so many mobilized corp members believe this is the best among NYSC orientation camps in Nigeria.

After all, this place is much safer compared to many other states and lots of entertainment opportunities. So every mobilized new corp member can expect an exciting year. But, life is not cheap in Lagos. This area has expensive food, expensive accommodation price, high transportation cost, etc.

2Niger State camp is the second most favourite place corpers. Food is affordable. Secondly, the local government could pay as much as 60,000 Naira per year to a corper at the end of your service.

3Akwa Ibom State NYSC orientation camp is one of the best places to serve in. I bet you, many young men and women would be happy to be posted here. Akwa Ibom State is a land of beauties if you served here by chance you should know what I am talking about.

While no one guarantees that you can be posted here just by chance, we would like to describe your possible advantages shortly.

Firstly, most Corpers receive their “Allawee” right after camp. Secondly, the place is a secure location for Nigerians. Thirdly, local housing, transportation and other expenses are comparatively low and very affordable.

4. Kano State camp is very lively. This is also a wonderful place if you get posted here. You can enjoy your service year in Kano and be happy about your NYSC year experience. This place relatively safe. To live here is pretty affordable, and transportation and housing are extremely low.

5. Ekiti State camp is a place to be. If you are thinking of a safe place, consider this State. State allowance might be nothing to write home about, but you will enjoy living here. Accommodation is also very affordable!

6. Taraba State camp might not be a happening place like Abuja or Lagos, it might not also have the biggest market in the country, but it does have some nice attractions for visitors. In other words, you can have a nice NYSC experience here as a member of the Youth Service Corps.

7. Kaduna State camp is an educational hub of the country, Kaduna State boasts one of the best healthcare facilities in country. You can be well assured that your health will be well taken care of and know that you can be treated in case anything happens during your NYSC camp year.

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