Failed relationships can be very difficult to bear sometimes, especially when you love the person so much but in the end, get divorced or abandoned.

It gets worse when you see your partner happy with another person. Not because you don’t want her to be happy, but the trouble that you couldn’t give her that happiness while he/she was with you.


It gets difficult to fall in love every time a relationship fails and you might have wondered if you’ve been doing some things wrongly or maybe relationships ain’t for you(singles’ slang).

Oftentimes, the fault might not be yours, it might be from your partner and still, you get a failed relationship. Some possible reasons why you’re having a failed relationship and how to make amendments will be discussed in this article.

1. Time


Most times this factor is often overlooked yet it’s the most important thing in a relationship. If either partner is becoming too busy whenever one of them needs attention, there’s a likelihood that the other partner may seek attention somewhere else that may result in cheating or eventually break up. You may not be free all the time, but a little effort sometimes counts.

2.Don’t be predictable

The fun part of every relationship is not being predictable. Like a friend once told me, expectations bring disappointment but surprises make you happy. In a relationship where either partner always knows what is next, it might become boring since there’s no suspense. To back that up, have you wonder why ladies love Zeeworld? It’s the suspense. They love it. And don’t let it miss in your relationship. Men love it too.

3. Don’t run from ugly situations


Oftentimes in a relationship, some partners get scared to let their partner know when they’re offended because they don’t want to make them sad. But that bore the relationship, let your partner know what offends you and what pleases you, and when it gets ugly, don’t shy away from it. Face it and together you can get overcome it. It makes the bond stronger.

4. Energy(vibe) In many broken relationships, the cause can be traced back to the energy pulled from the relationship. Oftentimes, partners unconsciously pull back the energy and vibes they started their relationship with which often results in a boring relationship. Constantly, tease your partner, tell him/her how beautiful he/she looks, and make him/her know the difference between your presence and absence. In essence, let him/her crave your presence.

5. Jealousy

Jealousy, in my view, is a part relationship that sometimes shows how affectionate a partner is if it’s in the right proportion. But in several cases, it has ended relationships because it gets too much and affected trust(which is the foundation most people build love). To some people, a relationship without jealousy is boring.

6. Discussing your partner with the third party


In my opinion, keeping a relationship private is a key factor in happy relationships. Get me right, keeping a relationship private is different from keeping it a secret. When a relationship is exposed to a third party, it’s at the risk of getting bad advice and opinions that may break trust, and eventually the relationship.

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