In this article I’m going to show you different and funny types of corpers you are going to meet in NYSC orientation camp so you must have prepared yourselves to meet and know how to interact with them.

1. The Clowns

These are the extremely funny ones, most of them are from warri. They always have something to say or do to make you laugh. Most of the time. They will make you laugh and laugh until your rib start cracking. They will never be serious for once, all they do is to find someone or something to make fun of. They never get tired of talking. Don’t bother confronting them for anything because they will end up making you an object of ridicule and many persons will join them to laugh at you. Begging them to stop making you laugh won’t solve the problem either.

2. Error-Prone

This type of otondos always get it all wrong on the parade ground. After they have been corrected several times by the soldiers, they still get confused. You will mostly see them turning to the right at the time the command says ‘left turn’. When others are at “Attention”, that is when they have their hands behind at “Ease”. Their hands will never go together with others during quick match and when they halt, their legs always bangs last. Make sure you never look them when they are matching because you will laugh all day.

3. The Fainters

This kind get masters degree when it comes to fainting. Do not be surprised when someone faint by your side, or when you hear people shouting ‘Red Cross! Red Cross! Over and over again. Most often, these corpers are not down because of any illness but they are looking for a way to bypass drills, most especially at the time drills get tougher. Sometimes, they will team up with friends and pretend to faint, then, their friends will start calling for help.

4. FFO

These ones are the first to complain about how terrible the Nysc food is, but they never missed a meal. These kind of otondos usually join the platoon that is first to leave the parade ground even when their own platoon are still on parade, so that they can get their plates washed quickly and gets to the kitchen before any other person does. You see them start forming a queue even when the canteen workers are still boiling water to mix “eba”.

5. Shunters

This kind of corpers can be so annoying; when you been standing under the sun for hours, the next thing is to see them coming from nowhere and joined the long queue at your front. Shunting runs through their vains like blood, even when the queue has just 5 persons, they will still find a way to bypass others.

6. Womanizers

These are sharp guys. They are in camp only to hunt for girls, and their aim is to ‘chase’ as many girls as possible. So, as they serve their father land, they equally serve their ‘cassavas’ as well. This type always come to camp with big packet of condoms, and you will be wondering what they will do with it.

7. Photo Freak

The ladies are more in this group. They prefer spending all their money on photograph to feeding their tummy. They never get satisfied with selfies no matter the amount of shots. This group of corpers snap selfie like mad.

8. Good for nothing crew

This kind make you wonder if they were forced to be in camp. They don’t participate in anything at all, be it the fun parts and the boring parts. They hardly go for parade and lectures and always complain about the Nysc scheme being a waste of time. You will always find them laying on their bed in the room even after the soldiers have chased everyone out. They always have drugs and fake medical reports to cover up.

9. The Old youth

These ones don’t want to be left out of the fun in camp. They are old but cannot accept the fact. So, they leave their children and wives at home just to take part in the orientation exercise. They can do anything possible not to look old, specifically they pay much attention to their hairstyle. And then you see them very quiet. They prefer not to be noticed.

10. Runs Babes

Within few days in camp, you will see runs babes getting close to soldiers and camp officials. They are not ashamed and they do not hide their true identities. Some of these female corpers are already married but when they come to camp, they become singles again.

11. Mammy Spenders.

This kind always claim to be too big to eat Nysc food or to join long queue for Nysc meals. They usually boast they never touched their meal ticket and they used to be too proud about that. You find them in Mammy in company of their friends flexing. But after few days in the camp, their pockets will run dry and they will start managing Nysc food small small, until one day you will be surprised to see them fighting in the queue to get Nysc food.

12. Spiri-koko Sisters

These are mostly ladies who believe wearing trouser is a sin against their religion. Some don’t even wear short to the parade ground. You see some with long hijab to cover their backside.

13. The Romeo and Juliet

There are always those that meet themselves in camp and suddenly become attached at the hips. They are always loved up for the full 3 weeks. At the end of camp, their love usually disappears or not. Just watch them.

14. The Lost sheep

This kind of corpers are always new in camp starting from the first day till the day camp will close. They are in camp just for the sake of it. They are not in to have fun. Everything seems so strange to them. You will often find the asking where is lectures, where is mami market dey, how do I do this and that. They always sleep. They keep complaining of the whole activities throughout their stay in the camp.

15. Over-Sabi

This group of corpers have studied the Nysc program like if it’s an examination they going to write. They know about Nysc even more than the camp commandant. This group of people are walking and breathing Nysc encyclopedias. In most cases they are picked as overall parade commander.

16.The football

The football freaks, peculiar to guys. They can play the game perfectly to the extent you will start wondering why they didn’t enroll in any football academy

17.The gold diggers

The gold diggers, some guys fall in this category, majority of them are cute looking for innocent girls from wealthy homes(ajebos) to befriend and possibly be bleeping if place in ppa in close proximity to theirs.

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