16 things you need to know as you prepare for the three weeks orientation camp.


1 . Get to camp early so you can get the best rooms and settle in. Get there as early as possible on that day, before all the bests rooms are chosen. You don’t want to spend 3 weeks in a room you don’t like. Female corps member arrive at NYSC camp

2 . Choose your room with care, check for wall sockets, fans and good beds. Also pick a room that is not close to the toilets. Wall sockets might help with charging, working ceiling fans will keep away the likely heat.

3 . In your room, choose the top bunk, so you are closer to the ceiling fan or a bunk bed close to the window to help you survive the heat.

4 . To avoid losing valuables, buy a padlock for your bag and get a waist pouch to keep your keys, phones and money.

5 . If you plan to give your clothes to the dry cleaners, then you should get a permanent marker and put your code number on all your items of clothing, so they don’t get mixed up.

6 . Set a daily alarm, so you can wake a little earlier and you get to have a little time to prepare before the drill instructors come.

7 . It is important that you make friends, so do not keep to yourself, some make valuable friendships in camp. Some even meet spouses.

8 . Visit the mosque in the morning for prayer, if you need few minutes of extra sleep.

9 . It might be difficult at first, but try to enjoy the drills, they will keep you fit and in shape.

10 . Do not be afraid to eat both camp and mammy food. Have a schedule, you will spend less and enjoy more.

12 . You will be waking up early a lot of time, so catch up on sleep, any chance you get, you will leave the camp with better health.

13 . It is not a do or die affair. You can easily leave the camp if your health is not good, just apply for ‘exit’, ask your platoon leader how to go about it.

14 . If you do not want to match for your platoon, you should join the Martial arts classes, they are quite fun and you will learn self-defense.

15 . Make sure you fill the ‘Book of life’ while in camp. It is one of the most important things to do.

16 . Lastly, have fun.

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