Here in this article, I will show you ten common mistakes you need to take serious and also share with your friends because you will not want to see them in mess.

1. Rudeness to soldiers

Police, man ‘o war and Nysc officials: In Nysc camp, nobody; not even a soldier is authorized to beat you. They only have right to give you small punishment, they may ask you to squat, sit on floor, kneel down, stand under the sun etc. A Soldier may carry big rod or cane but can never use it on you. In camp, soldiers are like toothless tigers, they are banned from beating corps members.

But do not abuse that privilege. Insulting a soldier because he/she cannot beat you could make them collect your “tag number” which they have every right to collect from you. Once a soldier collect your “tag number”, your service is over. So many people have been expelled through this means.

Tip: Learn to add ‘sir’ to all your conversation with soldiers and Nysc Officials, though some soldiers may be far younger than you but always answer “Sir”. If they collect your “tag number” for little offence, cry and beg them. Do whatever they ask you to do if that would made them to return your “tag number”.

And soldier will never flog you, but dem fit give you light punishments.

2. Lamination of Documents:

Never laminate your documents. Keep them very well and do not laminate any of them. Do not laminate your Statement of result, Medical certificate, Green card and call-up letter.

If you already laminated ur certificate, no p, but green card, call up letter and medicals, please go for reprint.

3. Sexual Harassment:

This is a very serious mistake that certainly would show you the camp exit gate. Sexual harassment of opposite sex is a crime. Do not harass any girl or boy. If you like a girl, walk up to her and tell her this, “I think you are special, would you mind to be my friend”, then collect her number, hang around with her, buy things for her and give her confidence in doing these, you might win her heart.

4. Having $*x:

In number 3 above, we went to the extent of telling you how to chase girls. But if the girl finally fall for you, having $*x with her is a great offence in Nysc camp. You would been shown the camp exit gate if caught with opposite s*x. Believe me, soldiers are trained to catch people doing that. They have been in camp several sessions before you, so they know how and where to catch those doing that.

If you are caught in the act, the Nysc Officials will make fool of you, both of you will be brought out on parade ground, announced and disgraced publicly before two of you would be thrown out of camp (your service don finish be that oo).

Some guys even go to camp with cond0ms, some girls are same way too. Don’t let five minutes pleasure ruin your many years in higher institution.

6. Rape:

This is a serious offence, you will not only be evicted from Nysc camp but also, it could get you locked up in prison if found guilty.

So just lock 🔐 ur John Thomas up for 3weeks

6⃣. Drinking Alcohol or smoking:

As a big boy, you want to take green bottle or smoke, right?

Some of these things are being sold in Mami market (market inside camp) but are meant for soldiers and Nysc official. If you are caught drinking or smoking, you name will be sorry.

7. Jumping the Fence:

Nysc camp walls are usually dwarf. Big boys and girls might think jumping the fence to take a walk outside the orientation camp is cool. You will be caught and disgraced publicly. You might even be asked to jump and go but never return again. But wait a minute, why should someone jump fence when he/she to peep into street where he/she will actually serve for 11 months. Don’t jump fence, endure the three weeks stay in camp.

8. fight:

A normal graduate that passed through a higher institution should know that fighting is not fashionable. Fighting is not even allowed in higher institutions let alone in Nysc camp. Misunderstanding will surely come; many guys will piss at you. But don’t allow devil to use you. Report every issue that could lead you to fight to Nysc officials or soldiers.

9. Do not Bath, Urinate and Excrete around, always use the bathroom and toilet. In some camp female bath outside in open field, likewise guys. This is offence.

But me I sha bath outside most times during my own time 🤒

10. Stealing:

Thieves are everywhere in our society. Do not be surprised if your properties got missing. But I am sorry for those that resort to steal from fellow corps members.

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